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About Skiller Whale:
Skiller Whale changes what tech teams are capable of with live, remote training sessions led by subject-matter experts. Developers attend a 1-hour session every couple of weeks, learning something new through challenging exercises and a trainer to give extra context and answer difficult questions. No video lectures, ever. Learners love us (they give us an average rating of 4.8 / 5) and we have a measurable impact on the teams we work with.

Position Summary:
Skiller Whale is looking for experts to teach remote training sessions for various tech teams. Currently we are specifically looking for TypeScript, React and Postgres trainers.

All our teaching is done through the Skiller Whale platform, which includes video conferencing and other tooling designed to make teaching coding as slick as possible. High quality written content and exercises are provided by Skiller Whale, so trainers shouldn’t need to do significant preparation before a session (we assume ½ hour to read through the material, and we pay for that time).

The trainer’s job is to provide learners with exceptional teaching and help them to deeply understand the topic being covered. This means they need to deeply understand the technology, be able to answer difficult questions and debug code errors live, as well as explain advanced concepts clearly and succinctly. Industry experience is also useful to make learning relevant to real-world software problems.

This would initially require between 2-4 hours of teaching time per week, and would be an ongoing relationship. We are growing significantly, so over time, there will likely be more training sessions to lead.


Essential Requirements:

We want to be seen as Intelligent, Playful Learners, who our customers trust to teach them how they should be writing code in the real world. For our trainers, that means:

Content Knowledge
You should come across (legitimately) as an expert in the technology you train, able to expand beyond the provided material when appropriate. This should extend to knowledge about how the topic you’re teaching is used in practice/industry, and how it relates to other aspects of the technology.

Clear Explanations
You must be able to deliver clear and concise explanations in spoken English and be able to adapt your explanation style to match the level of your audience.

Expert Spoken and Written English
You should be expert and eloquent in spoken English. You should be able to understand questions with complex phrasing or grammar and identify when clarification is needed.

Personable, Passionate and Professional
You should be able to build rapport with new groups of people easily, while maintaining professionalism.

Live Debugging
You should be comfortable looking at code, quickly understanding how it works (or why it doesn’t), and identifying bugs or potential improvements under time pressure (e.g. live in a session).

Industry Experience
In order to talk about your technology with confidence, it’s important that you’ve used it in the real world: learners may well ask about how things are really done in practice.

Bonus Points For:

Teaching / Mentoring Experience
Experience teaching groups of more junior developers, or mentoring other developers (even in an unofficial capacity).

Multi-Language Experience
All the people we teach are already developers, often with different primary languages. Having context from those is sometimes useful to help learners’ understanding.

Additional Frameworks
Many learners will be used to using a framework/library related to the tech you're training. Experience in these will help you link ideas for them. For example, for TypeScript, that might be React, Angular or Node. For Postgres, it might be PgBouncer or pgAdmin. For React, it might be redux or react-router.


  • Rate: £100 per hour (+ paid ½ hour prep time for each new module taught)
  • Flexible work options.
  • Fully remote work, forever.
  • Work with smart, interesting people who love learning new things as much as you do.
  • Learn something new every day: in this role, you’ll be learning new things at a much faster pace than most engineers could hope for.