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DevOps Engineer


GMT+5 to GMT +11

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Skill Set


Backend Programming

Job Details

Our Stack

• Backend Application Framework: Spring Boot (Java Config + Embedded Tomcat)

• Frontend Application Framework: VueJS

• Micro Service Framework: Spring Cloud Dalston (Netflix Eureka + Netflix Eureka + Netflix Ribbon + Feign)

• Database: AWS RDS, RDS Proxy, MONGODB

• Public Cache: AWS ElastiCache + Redis

• Message Queue: Apache RocketMQ, RabbitMQ

• Distributed Scheduling: Dangdang Elastic Job

• Data Index and Search: ElasticSearch

• Log Real-time Visualization: ElasticSearch + Logstash + Kibana, Grafana Loki

• Business Monitoring: Prometheus + Grafana

• Reverse Proxy: Nginx

• CDN: Cloudflare

• Server Virtualization Container: AWS EKS + AWS EC2

• Server Operation System: CentOS

• Static File Storage: AWS S3

• Inner DNS Resolution: AWS Route 53

• Network Management: AWS VPC

• Cluster Management and Scaling: AWS OpsWorks

• Cluster Monitoring: Prometheus + AWS CloudWatch

• HTTPS Certificate Management: AWS Certificate Manager

• Malicious Attack Defending: AWS WAF & Shield

• Cluster Alert: AWS SNS + Slack

• Continuous Integration/Deployment: Jenkins, Rancher, ArgoCD

• Configuration Tool: Ansible, Chef, Salt


• Work in a team of DevOps and DBA professionals – initially 3 people, although this will expand throughout the country expansion

• Improve existing infrastructure and CI/CD procedure

• Holistically improve all aspects of our infrastructure, including reducing costs, improving build and deployment times, streamlining environment provisioning, lowering load times, incorporating the latest techniques and technologies, and more

• Monitor and maintain the existing cloud infrastructure via autoscaling, automated alerts

• Take ownership and responsibility for our cloud operation activities

• Liaise with external security agencies for annual audits as well as perform our own internal security sweeps

• Aid in reconfiguring existing architecture to allow for rapid deployments to new countries

• Report to Lead DevOps Engineer



• fluent in written and spoken English

• 1~2+ years of specific experience with large-scale, AWS-hosted, microservice systems

• 1~3+ years of general experience in the tech industry

• Proven experience on Kubernetes, AWS and Web technology


• Bachelor or Masters degree in a related subject would be beneficial

• Experience forming and leading teams is beneficial

• Understanding of Java/Spring, Android, and Vue.Js deployment pipelines is a plus