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Frontend Engineer


GMT+5 to GMT +11

Job Type






Skill Set


Backend Programming

Job Details

Our Stack (we don’t expect you to have all of these)

● Vue + Vuex + Vue Router + Webpack + Less + SCSS

● Element UI

● FreeMarker

● Nuxt

● AWS, Jenkins CI / K8s

Key Responsibilities

● Develop mobile-first frontends in VueJS

● Focus on performance and user experience

● Create frontends for the backend management systems

● Participate in code reviews with peers and managers to ensure that each increment adheres to original vision as described in the user story and all standard resource libraries and architecture patterns as appropriate

● Participate in all team ceremonies including planning, grooming, product demonstration and team retrospectives.

● Mentor less experienced technical staff; may use high end development tools to assist or facilitate development process.


● Familiar with one of Vue, React, Angular

● Familiar with Git, ES6, Webpack, Less or Sass, and NodeJS

● Familiar with state management like Vuex, Redux, Ngrx

● Knowledge of backend stack is a plus

● An ability to work independently

● Excellent communication skills and English fluency