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Director of SEM


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Sales and Marketing

Job Details

Sticker Mule is the internet's most "kick-ass" brand. We're a remote team spread all over the world. Our team from top to bottom makes growth a top priority and it's ingrained in our company culture. But most importantly, we just enjoy making customers happy and having fun while doing so.

Why you'll like working here

  1. Customers love our service and tell us all the time!
  2. We offer flexibility in your work day.
  3. We work at a sustainable pace to foster a non-stressful work environment.

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Job description

The Director of SEM develops and executes an international search engine marketing strategy for all products and regions.

Work performed

  1. Works with the CMO to set PPC international budgets.
  2. Provides ongoing monitoring & adjustments to international PPC campaigns.
  3. Improves paid social and display advertising efforts.
  4. Writes and suggests ad copy to optimize conversion.
  5. Aggressively explores opportunities to expand the advertising budget.
  6. Works with the creative team to improve advertising conversion.
  7. Collaborates with marketing to help develop overall strategy.
  8. Balances SEM tactics with brand and content principles.
  9. Performs other tasks as assigned by management.


  1. ROAS
  2. Cost per conversion
  3. Conversion rate


  1. $130,000/yr + based on experience
  2. $20,000 signing bonus
  3. Health and dental insurance (available to US team members)
  4. 401k with 4% employer match (available to US team members)
  5. 4 weeks vacation