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16 000-21 000 PLN/net

Let's introduce you to the team first.

Hi, this is Maciek and I lead our Design team. There's just four of us, but we've managed to design the most user-friendly SEO tool on the market. We have the trust, we have lots of autonomy, and we love working with developers (and they love us, too.) Now we want to take it further by making Surfer even easier to use.

We are looking for a Product Designer, who will join us and actively engage in the process of creating our product from ideation to execution and beyond.

The Company

Want to know more about us? See our career site, where you will find more information on how we work, how we hire, what we stand for, and what we can offer.

What you'll be doing

- Teaming up with product people to get ideas out of their heads, enhance them with your own expertise, and build a prototype we can test.

- Collaborating with researchers to better understand our users and use that intel to build a product that feels like we're reading our users' minds.

- Working with engineers to build the best possible solution in a given time frame.

- Taking our UI to the next level by contributing to our design system.

- Improving our tooling so we work efficiently as a team.

- Taking full ownership of end-to-end projects delivery. We do not micromanage.

Tools you'll be using

- Figma, as your main design tool

- ProtoPie, if you need prototyping features that Figma is lacking

- Miro, if you need a place to draw flowcharts, diagrams, et al.

- Pen and paper, if you like getting ideas out of your head this way

Why we think you'll love working with us

- You'll see the results of your work in our user's hands quickly. We move fast and focus on solving real user problems

- You'll shape the vision for the upcoming products, services, or features. At Surfer everyone is encouraged to submit their ideas which are being regularly reviewed and hand-picked for implementation

- We trust each other and limit the bureaucracy to the minimum. No timesheets, no invigilation

- We don't do Scrum or anything that involves backlogs, tickets, unnecessary meetings, or similar things that compete with your focus

- We will appreciate your own initiatives instead of turning them down

- Our clients are top SEO experts in the world. You will learn a lot about the industry and processes

- Choose your own equipment—Mac, Linux, Windows? You name it!

- We have an education budget. Want to do a course or read that book everyone recommends? No problem!

- Don't want to work from home? We have a spacious office in the city center you can use anytime you want

- We do off-sites and gatherings that are super fun and full of new experiences

We might be looking for you if you

- Have been designing digital products for at least 3 years

- Have a portfolio proving you know how to deliver high-quality, polished, delightful, and easy to use designs and showing your deep understanding of UX best practices and interaction fundamentals

- Are a Figma expert. You use Auto Layout all the time, love Variants as much as we do, and attend every Figma Config conference

- Know the basics of React and know what component-based design is all about

- Know how to prototype and test your designs with others

- Understand the implications of your designs, know what's best for the business, and how to balance speed and craft

- Can brainstorm with a group and articulate ideas with detail and precision

- Feel comfortable working in a cross-disciplinary team of developers and other product people

- Have a positive attitude and are willing to give, accept, and adapt to feedback

We want this job to be the best career opportunity you've ever had.

Up for the challenge? Apply now!