Terra Genesis International

Remote Human Resources and Operations Manager


Anywhere in the World

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Management and Finance

Job Details

You will help the company to constantly create internal systems and navigate complex legal bureaucracies; most of your knowledge-building will happen on-the-job without constant supervision. This is a moment of rapid accelerated growth and business model evolution, so you'll be called on to support the needs of the moment, which can-and will-change on a dime.

You have experience working at small, private companies (preferably startups) that disrupt the status quo - and you've helped create the working cultures and governance infrastructure that made it run successfully. You have developed bespoke systems to address the unique challenges of deeply innovative companies.

You will work with all our team members, but your primary engagement will be with the Chief Operating Officer, and the Operations Assistant during the initial onboarding phase. As your role is affirmed, you'll also engage with vendors like legal counsel, accountant, and other consultants.


"Needs of the moment"

  1. Administer the legal and bureaucratic requirements involved in hiring and supporting workers both in the US and internationally.
  2. Develop administrative structures and processes that scale along with the company.
  3. Develop and improve company policies - and the systems, structures, and processes that maintain and support them.
  4. Support the development of internal programs and habits that support professional growth, coherence, and accountability among the team, and in line with Terra Genesis's developmental culture.
  5. Identify and support with implementing cybersecurity and data protection practices for our work across all softwares and technologies we use.
  6. Co-manage billing processes, and co-design billing structures that allow for transition to an external accounting and bookkeeping vendor service in the near-term.

The types of projects you'll be working on include:

// Mid and Long-Range Projects

  1. Company Handbook
  2. Billing Reporting Process
  3. SOP Audit
  4. Employee Professional Development Program
  5. Diversity and Inclusion Plan
  6. Upscaled Onboarding Process
  7. Employment Compliance Audit

// Definite Responsibilities

  • Field all employment compliance correspondence and respond to requirements
  • Field conversations with team members on HR matters
  • Field requests for program credentials, program updates, and access
  • Co-manage monthly billing including account reconciliations and record keeping
  • Field team member requests for impartial support and observation
  • Report to company officers on business administration and design support


// Your capacities should include some of the following

  • Acuity with existing work platforms (Slack, Harvest, Notion, Miro, Gusto, and others.)
  • Ability to navigate and prioritize tasks among many requests, and on varying timelines
  • Familiarity with Agile/Scrum methodologies
  • Familiarity with billing cycles and software (Quickbooks, Coupa, Ariba)
  • Fluency within cybersecurity procedures and protocols
  • Based in the US
  • Fluent English language proficiency
  • Preparedness to go the extra mile (or km) every single time

// Important

> You will be signing an At-Will contract

> You will be required to sign an NDA

> This is a Full Time remote role

> TGI works remotely. This role will require limited travel, including attending company events and in-person coworking events.


// Salary and Benefits

$64,000 - $72,000 commensurate with experience

Paid Vacation and Leave

Healthcare, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Benefits are subject to an initial probationary period.