The Martin House Children's Advocacy Center

Remote Human Resources Coordinator


United States

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Skill Set


Management and Finance

Job Details

Job Title: Human Resources Coordinator

Type: Full Time

Location: Must Reside In USA

Job Summary:

Looking for a unique opportunity to test and develop your skills as a human resources coordinator? If so, you will love the exciting, fast-paced environment and the incredible support you will experience as a member of our energetic team. Be at the center of everything and facilitate greater cooperation, communication and conflict resolution between employees and departments. Enjoy a deep level of fulfillment as you work daily to overcome challenges and move toward higher levels of success. If you are passionate about helping others and you want a career that gives you room to grow and advance, don't miss this opportunity to become part of something much bigger than yourself.

Job Responsibilities:

' Maintain, process and verify documentation related to personnel, including training, performance evaluations, classifications, grievances, staffing, employee leaves of absence and recruitment.

' Explain company procedures, personnel policies and benefits to existing employees, new hires or job applicants.

' Collect and file personnel records from employees or other departments in both electronic and hard copy form.

' Record contact and other relevant information for each employee, including weekly earnings, supervisory performance reports, absences, addresses, sales or production amounts, and reasons for and dates of terminations.

' Compile, prepare, and/or present personnel activity reports at weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings.

' Answer pertinent questions regarding salaries, eligibility, benefits, examinations and other employee-related data.

' Provide information for actions taken by, for or against personnel, and answer inquiries with information taken from employee files.

' Request and file information that can be used to determine a job applicant's employment eligibility, including information from previous employers, law enforcement officials and other references.

Job Skills & Qualifications:


' High school diploma or equivalent

' Minimum of one year as an HR coordinator/associate

' Ability to manage and handle sensitive materials and situations confidentially

' Basic knowledge of HR compliance requirements, including state and federal labor laws

' Proficiency in Microsoft Office


  • ' Spanish language proficiency