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Senior Frontend-Leaning Fullstack Engineer


CET +/-1

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Full Stack Programming

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This position is for applicants from Central European Timezone +/- 1.

About Tomorrow’s Education

Tomorrow’s Education is an early-stage Edtech startup based in Berlin founded by serial entrepreneurs, Christian Rebernik and Dr. Thomas Funke. Our vision is to redesign education and educate and empower the leaders to tackle the greatest challenges of tomorrow together.

Our inspiration

We believe that one of the biggest challenges in education is the way of teaching itself. Therefore we are challenging the old teacher-oriented approach of the traditional universities, by shifting to a student-centric approach.

We want to provide our students with a unique opportunity to gain the relevant skills and mindset and then leverage their impact through a global network.

Our mission

At Tomorrow’s Education, we leverage science and technology for effective learning and foster a global community for continuous growth and impact. With us, students learn by applying their knowledge to real-life challenges and interacting with world-class educators, mentors, and partners from all around the world.

About the position:

As a Senior Fullstack Engineer, you'll be responsible for building out our React (micro-frontend!) application and Node.JS backend services.

We're a young (but rapidly growing!) startup that has built an initial MVP and proved product/market fit. We are now starting to re-architect some of our core components/services (as well as moving towards a more micro-frontend architecture) to make sure that our application can scale over the next few years. You should have a good understanding of the pros/cons of different architectures, as well as propose solutions to other engineers. Your main tasks will include:

  • Architecting, building & managing our frontend React application (we have some exciting new stuff in the pipeline!)
  • Architecting our offline webapp solution
  • Being a part of key decision making when it comes to Backend API architecture

  • You should have knowledge and experience in (must haves):TypeScript (we use this across the stack)
  • Node.JS
  • React

You should have knowledge and experience in (nice to have):

  • GraphQL
  • Redux
  • PWAs
  • Storybook
  • Content Management Systems
  • AWS (we use AppSync, DynamoDB, Amplify, to name a few)
  • SQL and NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB, PostgreSQL)
  • Caching layers (e.g. Redis / ElastiCache)
  • Auth-as-a-Service (e.g. Auth0, Cognito)

For us it is also very important to make sure that you are:

  • able to work independently;
  • able to work across teams & departments;
  • able to work under time pressure;
  • able to simplify and communicate on all levels;
  • Having a high level of Integrity, Curiosity & Growth;
  • Having a high degree of independence, initiative, proactivity, enthusiasm, and drive for delivering results;
  • Eager to learn, diligent to execute;
  • Passionate for Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Technology.

Our Benefits:

  • Work wherever you are and whenever you want. Our flexible Work Environment will give you the freedom to work from everywhere and whenever you want. (Please note that your need to be registered in Berlin for this position).
  • Be part of the Tomorrow’s Community: Every teammate can study for free at Tomorrow’s Education (excl. partner fees if applicable).
  • Travel the world with us: Twice per year, the whole team meets for a 1-week workation at a different place around the globe.

Do you care about education and impact? Grow with us and shape the education space!

At Tomorrow's Education, we believe in the power of you and your own merit much more than we believe in degrees! Sounds weird for an education provider? That's Tomorrow's Education!