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About UnDosTres

UnDosTres is Mexico's leading super-app, allowing millions of users to top-up their mobile phones, pay bills, buy movie-tickets, bus tickets, mobile phones, pay tolls, access financial services and 100s of other products and services with a single click!

We are looking for a talented Business Intelligence ETL Developer to join our BI team. The focus of this position will be to maintain, supervise, control, clean and improve complex ETL data processes.

The position requires technical knowledge in programming (Strong knowledge of SQL and Python are a must-have) with logical and analytical abilities to understand complex data pipelines and processes. It is also required to have a basic understanding of query optimization. Finally, knowledge of the automation tool Jenkins is desired but not required.

The Daily Work for a Business Intelligence ETL Developer in UnDosTres would include:

  • Supervising automated Table Loading jobs.
  • Python scripting to make sure that the whole data infrastructure can work in a daily fashion without errors and in an optimized way
  • Table planning with other areas to show metrics and KPI's that are important for our businesses
  • Scripting and creation of alarm systems and checks to automate data cleaning and consistency.
  • Standardizing all existing data ETL processes.
  • Creating summarized Dashboards or KPI's to easily track the cleanliness of all our data sources.

Our main goal is to create a consistent, organized and controlled data tracking environment that can help our company and team grow to new heights thanks to you.

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Understanding data to create and filter correct loading processes that are coherent to the business.
  • Help in automating reports and table loading processes for different areas to maintain correct query optimization methods.
  • Tracking lag for replication servers to preserve data consistency.
  • Create and modify databases to ensure capacity on the servers, while maintaining all business needs.
  • Creating and reporting data cleaning reports or KPI's.
  • Maintenance and documentation of our ETL process and of our tables to maintain transparency on our data governance.
  • Innovate new metrics and KPI's for other areas through a combination of internal data and external data (API's mostly), with a tight business focus.
  • Creating brief Repository cleanliness standards.
  • Structuring correct table definitions through indexing and further structuring.

Special Knowledge Needed For The Position

  • Degree in Programming, Engineering, Mathematics, Actuarial Science, or any related field.
  • 2+ years of experience in B.I. and Business Technologies related areas.
  • Proficiency with Excel/Google Sheets, SQL and Python. Very basic knowledge in API connections, Linux or AWS and Jenkins is desired but not required.
  • Expertise or deep knowledge with extraction, storage and transformation of data.
  • Knowledge in correct Indexing and relationship planning on data tables.
  • Ability for self-learning and entering new domains.
  • Organizational skills to create and promote rules in the workspace
  • Passion for solving problems as well as reevaluating or reformulating them; especially through Python scripting.
  • Basic math or statistical knowledge.
  • Experience creating or maintaining databases, especially through dependency rules, is a plus.
  • Knowledge in Big Data techniques is a plus.
  • Experience in BI or related roles.

Benefits of being part of UnDosTres

  • Work with passionate problem-solvers like yourself and a multicultural and interdisciplinary team.
  • Competitive compensation. Equity for exceptional candidates.
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • An excellent work environment.
  • Opportunities for growth and constant learning
  • Free daily breakfast buffet
  • Weekly team integration with BBQ or pizzas on Friday

If you are interested in becoming our ETL Developer, start your process by clicking on the following link: