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If you have experience building stable and performant systems at scale, we'd love to chat. At Vitally, uptime and performance are critical. At our early stage, we already handle a stream of real-time product analytics from our customers that peaks at hundreds of events per second. At the same time, we pull in real-time data from a growing suite of integrations that gives our customers unparalleled insight into the state of their business and customers.

We'd love to find someone with these traits to help us scale as we add more and more customers:

  • You are an exceptional engineer with excellent problem-solving skills
  • You have a solid understanding of relational databases (we use Postgres and DynamoDB) and can write performant queries and optimize indexes
  • You've built resilient distributed systems in the past and know how to build for scale
  • You've built robust and stable data integrations to third-party systems
  • You’ve worked professionally for at least 2 years as a software engineer

Additional points if you:

  • Have experience with Node and Typescript
  • Have experience configuring and securing AWS environments

Some things you might work on:

  • Work on our automation redesign, adding features like branching, real-time triggers, and new actions
  • Work on scaling our architecture to handle a rapidly growing customer base
  • Debug and optimize slow API endpoints
  • Help design our framework for building integrations
  • Work with the product team to build new features for our customers

About Vitally:

Vitally is a Customer Success platform built for strategic and proactive CS teams looking to easily prevent churn and retain (and identify) their best customers. Some of the best CS teams at companies like Zapier, Segment, and Productboard trust Vitally to unify their customer data. We make it possible with our powerful analytics dashboards, intuitive automations, and project management tools that all together make their customer data collaborative, measurable, and actionable for all key stakeholders-- from CSMs to CEOs.

We’re a high-growth, VC-backed startup who, at the end of the day, are looking to onboard people who want to have a profound impact on both the business and their own career. How? Working together to build the future of Customer Success.

If you get excited about ownership, autonomy, impact, and quality output -- then we’re excited about you. We’re not here to hold your hand, but we’re here to build a great product together.

Benefits & Culture:

  • Salary: We offer a competitive salary given both your experience as well as location here in NYC (although remote is also totally fine). The comp band for all engineering roles starts at $160,000 and increases based on the skill and seniority of the candidate.
  • Equity: We want every team member invested in the company’s success and are happy to be generous with equity.
  • Benefits:
  • 100% of health/dental/vision insurance premiums covered by us for you, your partner, and your dependents.
  • 401k with a company match.
  • Commuter benefits.
  • Unlimited PTO with a minimum we require you to take off. Please relax and recharge!
  • Flexible work hours and work-from-home policy.
  • WFH stipend to ensure your work environment meets your standards wit (i.e. laptop, monitor, etc).
  • Education stipend.
  • Culture: We are committed to a productive and respectful work environment. Culturally, the team is extremely friendly, fun, hard-working, intelligent, and mature. That said, while we're young and scrappy as a team, we don't believe in building a startup cult. We like each other, we support each other, we're a focused team that busts our asses at work, and we enjoy hanging out from time to time-- but we value having our own lives outside of the office.
  • Team + tech: You seriously won’t find another team out there that outperforms us, so get ready to put your name on a ton of future work here! Our tech stack is handcrafted for extremely rapid, but stable, development - we ship fast, performant, quality code frequently.
  • Career path: Not only will you learn and ship a ton in this role, but since we are a small team, there will be plenty of promotion opportunities ahead. We're looking to hire someone that can continue to own large parts of our codebase as the team grows.