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Due to the pandemic and the remote work movement, the interest in what we do has exploded. We're now expanding our team and looking for a talented copywriter to help us build community at scale with the power of their words.

You will be both the catalyst and the amplifier of our community.

In this role, you will turn the community strategies that we develop together into impactful messages that resonate with our members and drive action. Every day, you will inspire our members to take on the vision for our community and empower them to move it forward.

Your work here will be up-close and personal but also drive impact at scale. You will reach thousands of people with your words and you will build close relationships with our most passionate and supportive members to achieve more, together.

What's different about this community marketing role, is that our community exists both online and in person, all over the world. People will meet and experience the best years of their lives, take on adventures together, build life-long friendships, find a cofounder to finally bring their startup idea to life, learn and grow together, find love, and some will even build families... all because of your work and the words you write.

This position is for a savvy marketer, passionate about community, with top-notch copywriting skills. For every hire, we look for new team members that are so brilliant at what they do that they make us nervous working with them.

Are you up for the challenge?

Who We Are (Our Culture)

  • We're a team. We're a small, tight-knit team and although we're fully remote, we take every chance to be together. We look out for one another and cheer each other on.

  • We're obsessed with this community. We have all chosen to join the team, first and foremost, because we love this community; a place where remarkable people from all over the world meet to take on the journey of life together.

  • We're as diverse as the United Nations. Our team of 13 comes from 10 different countries. Many of us have become permanently nomadic global citizens, as we travel the world side-by-side with our members.

  • We're small but mighty. What we don't have in numbers, we make up for in determination and resourcefulness. We're nifty, we're inventive and we don't give up.

  • We are brave. We don't compromise when it comes to our values, our mission, or who we are. Every member of our team has the courage to stand up for what they believe in and challenge bad ideas. We know that doing the right thing always pays off in the end.

  • We care. We take full ownership of our work because we take pride in everything we do. We care about how we show up and who or what we're becoming. And of course, we care about our teammates and our community members.

  • We're explorers at heart. We're curious and adaptable, which is why each of us chose to take on this crazy challenge of building a global community and a startup at the same time. Everyone on the team has lived, worked, and travelled with the Tribe for at least a month - some of us for years. Joining this team means embarking on the biggest adventure of your career... but don't worry, you're in good company.

  • We lead with humility. We don't compete for wealth, titles, or status; we're driven by passion and excitement for our mission. There is no space for big egos here.

  • We treat people right. There is never a good enough reason to treat someone without dignity and respect. We challenge ourselves to treat others the way they would want to be treated.

Who You Are

  • You're a community builder. You know that community is the next big thing in marketing and this excites you because you know you've got a talent for it.

  • You intuitively know how others feel. You've realised that you are naturally gifted at understanding what other people are feeling and experiencing because you're able to put yourself in their shoes, whatever their situation may be.

  • You have a mind for strategy. You enjoy taking on a challenging goal and working backwards to make it happen. You spend time thinking about how your work fits into the bigger picture and how to achieve your desired outcome.

  • You set your own course. As long as you know clearly where you're going, you know that you'll be able to figure out how to get there. You don't wait for someone to tell you what to do.

  • You care about the details. You put care and attention into everything you do; your choice of words, the structure of your email, and even the punctuation. You know that the way that you write has a big impact on how the person on the other end feels.

  • You always figure it out. No matter how challenging the project, you always find a way to succeed because you don't give up. You keep digging until you've found what you're looking for.

  • You're a tinkerer. You're always making improvements, big or small. You can't sit still because you know that there's always something that can be made better. You love doing things not just efficiently, but effectively, and to create something that lasts.

  • You're a citizen of the world. National boundaries are a human construct. You see yourself as a person who belongs to the world, not just to one nationality, and you seek to communicate to the world.

What You're Great At

  • You write brilliant copy. You're one of the best copywriters you know. You know that you can convince anyone if you can just write them an email. You're quick at it and you feel totally at ease with words!

  • You're a storyteller. You figured out the power of storytelling early on in your career, and it's become one of your greatest assets.

  • Your English is exquisite. Even if it's not your first language, your English writing skills are better than those of most native speakers you've met in your life!

What You've Done

  • 2+ years in a community-focused role
  • 3+ years in marketing copywriting

Things You Might Do Here

  • Become WiFi Tribe's go-to marketing copywriter (all important copy goes through you!)

  • Launch all our new community initiatives to our members

  • Use our communication platforms (newsletter and Slack account) to engage and strengthen our community

  • Own WiFi Tribe's email marketing strategy, but always come at it from a community and relationship building approach

  • Update our website to make sure that it says exactly what it needs to say to get the right people excited about joining us

  • Work with our Admissions team to create a remarkable applicant and member journey that makes members feel welcome here and sets them up for success in our community

  • Hire and collaborate with external experts (often fellow members of our community) that can help us move things forward

  • Dream up new campaigns and initiatives to fuel engagement in our community and to strengthen our intentional culture

  • Ensure our Chapters and other trips are always fully booked


  • $30,000 - $60,000 p.a. for full-time, depending on level of experience and track record of success in similar roles. We are open to starting with part-time if you need a period of transition from your current role

  • Take on a key role in a (still) small but growing start-up, positioned with a strong brand in a market that has just blown up due to the remote work movement

  • Work from wherever in the world you feel most productive!

  • $5,000 Chapter credit: Experience the most amazing, adventurous months of your life! Choose from any of our Chapters and travel and work remotely alongside a group of incredibly talented but totally down-to-earth remote professionals

  • Be part of a tight-knit community of 700+ remote-working, entrepreneurial professionals and build a mighty global network

  • Sponsored learning resources