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About 6nomads

Hire reliable full-time remote engineers for your startup. is a platform where remote IT talent meets tech startups. We have built an automatic assessment system, selecting the best talents around the world, earned the trust of leading technology companies and for two years now, we have been helping talented engineers find a project they like to work in on our platform.

We believe talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. Our aim is to create a sustainable platform for remote job search where reliable talents and companies will meet each other and build the future together.

6nomads also helps with these facilities :

  • Highly targeted candidates :

We tailor the search for the job opportunities using unique data about candidates and companies.

  • Personalized outreach :

We create highly personalized messages and send them to relevant candidates using LinkedIn and email. Candidates love them!


6nomads is available for free trial, but it also has a plan for premium use.


  • $5000/ hire

Our team will create a list of the most relevant engineers for the job opportunity and target those candidates using LinkedIn and Email.

All interested candidates will be sent to employers so that they could lead them through their internal recruiting process. We only charge if you hire someone.

You can check further details for pricing at this link.

Significance to remote workers

For companies: We put all engineers through a 3-step screening process testing their hard & soft skills so you won't waste time on irrelevant candidates.

For talent: Through AI matching, we will connect you with companies relevant to your timezone, salary expectations, and tech stack.

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