actiTIME is a time tracking software that provides rich functionality covering almost any management and accounting need..

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About actiTIME

actiTIME is a time tracking software that provides rich functionality covering almost any management and accounting needs.

Time Tracking

  • Weekly timesheet: Manage your time manually in a weekly timesheet.
  • Calendar view: Track time by logging the start and end times and visualize your week with time blocks.
  • Time-track comments: Provide your managers and clients with the details of your work.
  • Overtime: Calculate overtime hours according to your state and company regulations.
  • Locking: Timesheet locking to prevent changes in the submitted timesheet.
  • Approval: Introduce approval statuses: review, edit and approve user timesheets.
  • Notifications: Set up email reminders to submit the timesheet.
  • Automated time tracking: Capture hours directly from the web using our browser extensions.
  • Mobile app: Record time on the go even when you are offline.

Reports & Data Analysis

  • Staff performance report: Monitor time expenses across your team: get a detailed breakdown of employee time logs.
  • Time balance & overtime report: Review time balances and overtime values for the selected date range across users and teams.
  • Leave time & balances report: Keep track of leave time amounts across your team.
  • Estimated vs. actual time report: Review the variance between estimated and actual time to identify roadblocks and plan the next workload more accurately.
  • Billing summary report: Review total time and billable amounts calculated for specific time periods to identify the most profitable tasks and projects.
  • Cost of work report: Keep track of working hours, leave hours and their associated costs across users.
  • Profit & loss report: Review profitability of individual customers, projects or tasks.
  • Report templates: Create report templates and pin them to the dashboard for easy access.
  • Report export in CSV: Export reports as CSV files for further data processing.
  • Visual charts: Turn tables into visual charts to use them in reports and presentations.
  • Real-time widgets: Compare your team productivity with their recent performance using real-time widgets.
  • Online activity report: Get a comprehensive overview of time spent online with the Time Management Assistant Chrome extension.

Task Management

  • Custom work structure: Set up custom names for work structure levels and user groups.
  • Task time estimates: Define estimated time amounts for individual tasks to master your workload planning.
  • Task deadlines: Set task deadlines to remind your team members to finish their work in time.
  • Task workflow statuses: Create custom task statuses and build custom workflows.
  • Kanban view: Track project progress and identify bottlenecks with Kanban view.
  • Task assignments: Assign users individual tasks or all tasks belonging to particular customer or project.
  • Import from CSV: Fill in and upload a simple CSV template to add a multitude of tasks to the system.
  • Custom fields: Collect additional task information in any quantity and format.

Team Management

  • User roles & permissions: Assign roles to users to manage their system permissions.
  • User grouping: Group users by departments, time zones and locations for easy access.
  • Bulk user invitation: Add multiple colleagues to the system at once, cutting down the time to set things up.
  • Work schedules: Set up a company-wide work schedule or override it with schedules for individual users.

Paid Time Off Management

  • Overtime calculation: Create company-wide or individual overtime calculation rules.
  • Leave types: Create leave types with custom rules that fit your state and company policies.
  • Paid time off management: Set up individual PTO accrual rules, adjust the balances manually or turn it off for selected users.
  • Sick days balances: Create custom sick days accrual rules or adjust the balances manually.
  • Custom PTO accrual rules: Create custom PTO accrual rules or adjust the balances manually.


  • Zapier: Automate time tracking with over 2,000 software integrations.
  • QuickBooks Online: Import time records to QuickBooks for easy payroll calculations and invoicing.
  • actiPLANS: Connect actiPLANS absence tracker for easy attendance management.
  • API: Use API to prepare data backups, create custom reports or connect actiTIME with other software.
  • Browser extensions: Automatically track time spent online using the Time Management Assistant or integrate a one-click actiTIME Timer with other web-based apps.

Costs & Billing

  • Types of work: Create custom billable and non-billable types of work to automate work cost calculations.
  • Billing rates: Set up billing rates for individual tasks by associating them with a custom type of work.
  • Cost of work rates: Set up individual hourly pay rates that include regular, overtime and leave time rates.
  • Invoices: Generate automatic invoices based on time and hourly rates.
  • Overtime cost: Review overtime costs calculated according to company-wide or individual overtime rates.
  • Leave time costs
  • Keep track of leave time costs calculated according to company-wide or individual rates.


  • Data backups: We perform daily data backups to ensure maximum data security.
  • Password policy: Set up unique password strength requirements that meet the security policy of your company.
  • Lockout policy: Create custom account lockout rules to minimize the risks of account abuse.
  • On-premise version: Request actiTIME self-hosted to get more flexibility and data control.

Paid Services

  • Customization: Request unique features tailored for your business needs.
  • Additional services: On-demand data import, export and modification services.


actiTIME Online Pricing

1. Plan: 1-3 users

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 1-3

2. Plan: 1-40 users

  • Price: $7/user
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1-40

3. Plan: 41-200 users

  • Price: $6/user
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 41-200

4. Plan: 200+ users

  • Price: $1500
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 200+

actiTIME Self-Hosted

1. Plan

  • Price: $120/user
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): Unlimited

You can check further details for pricing on this link

Significance to remote workers

  • Encourage accountability in your team and use data to justify cost of work to your clients
  • Boost performance, track work progress and don’t leave any billable second untracked


Time Tracking


Competitive pricing

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