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Time tracking, scheduling and monitoring software for productive workforce.

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Time tracking, scheduling and monitoring software for productive workforce.

RemoteTrack - Optional Employee/ Staff Monitoring Optional Add-on to track & monitor productivity of remote staffs & contractors.

Projects & Budgeting Manage projects, track time on projects, assign roles & keep your budget on track.

Schedules Google Calendar like schedule for teams. Assign tasks and jobs to your team members & schedule it.

Task Management Create & Assign task & measure time worked on the task.

Client & Invoice Create your own client database & Invoice them on work done.

**Team & Admin ** Manage settings and Administrative roles from your command center.

Attendance & Leaves Track your staff's attendance & Manage leave requests.

Gps-Track - Field Service Optional add-on to track staffs GPS location, manage field service.

Reporting & Dashboard Your command center of operation.

Payroll & Members Manage team members & pay your team accurately according to the hour worked.

Apps & Devices Track time from almost anywhere. Apploye supports all major platforms & devices.

Time Tracking Accurate time tracking for you and your team. Automatic time tracking from Desktop & Mobile apps or entry manually.

Timer - Automatic & Manual Track your time with the apploye timer with simple "start" and "stop" or add your time manually afterwards.

Timesheets - customized views See your employees tracked time at a glance in Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly and Custom Range Timesheet views.

Clock-In, Clock-out Simple "One click" clock-in and clock-out from the desktop and mobile app

Time entry notes Leave important notes for your admin when you manually add your time entry.

Pomodoro Timer Use the powerful "Pomodoro" technique to boost your productivity.

Time Off Manage leaves & time off from Apploye & view interactive yearly report.

Track time on projects & tasks Track time on individual projects and tasks to keep track of your work efficiently.

Billable and non-billable hours Include/exclude certain projects from the billable amount calculation when you invoice your client.

Desktop app Track your time seamlessly, view your schedules, shifts and tasks with the elegant and powerful "Apploye" desktop app.

Chrome Extension "One click" time tracking right from your browser's toolbar with the "Apploye" chrome extension.

Mobile App Track time & location, give geofencing attendance, view shifts and schedules through the seamless mobile app. (Available in both Android and iOS)

Idle time Discard your inactive time from the timesheet for better productivity.

Timesheet export Export your employees timesheet in pdf, csv or excel format.

Timesheet Approval Review & approve timesheets of your members on daily, weekly, or custom basis.

Weekly Limit Set weekly hour limit for specific members of your organization.

Reporting & Dashboard Your command center of operation. Remain updated with key metrics of your team's performance & take data driven decision.

Project & member-wise view See the time and activity report as per each project or member.

Graph and tabular view Compare & check activity ratio with individual working hour from graph and tabular.

Performance-based comparison Compare between employees based on their performances.

Activity and productive time reports. See the average activity, productive time & non-productive time reports in comparison to the total time worked.

Weekly Report by email Too busy to check Apploye Dashboard? Don’t worry! Get a weekly overview report Right into your email.

Export report Export all the reports in pdf, csv and excel format.

Manual Time See the manual time entries of your employees and reasons behind those.

Apps & URL usage See the Apps and URLs usage of the employees during their working hours.


1. Plan: SOLO

  • Price: $2/ user
  • Duration: 1 month


  • Price: $2.5/ user
  • Duration: 1 month

3. Plan: PREMIUM

  • Price: $3/ user
  • Duration: 1 month

4. Plan: ELITE

  • Price: $3.5/ user
  • Duration: 1 month

You can check further details for pricing on this link

Significance to remote workers

Apploye Time Tracking App is helping hundreds of organizations to track their time, manage payroll, bill their clients, log work hours across projects, oversee online timesheets, and operate a productive team. With Apploye TimeTrack Software, you have no worries about the missing time of the employees, unproductive time spending, inaccurate billing, haphazard project management and inaccurate payroll management.

Track time & increase your team’s productivity by up to 20%. That’s an extra day every week.


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