Ariv is a tool efficient at surfacing relevant information and helps the team with relevant knowledge when it detects a ..

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Ariv is a tool efficient at surfacing relevant information and helps the team with relevant knowledge when it detects a question or finds knowledge related to a topic that’s being discussed.

1. Upload your existing knowledge

Ariv saves you the hassle of re-creating knowledge to solve this problem. Just feed in documents, FAQ’s or files that contain relevant knowledge for your team and Ariv gets to work categorising and tagging your knowledge, ensuring your knowledge is easy to surface when a question is asked..Ariv’s knowledge graph ensures that your knowledge is stored dynamically so that it’s able to answer even complex questions questions thanks to its ability of maintaining and understanding the context.

2. Human validated knowledge

Ariv’s curation workflows ensure that your knowledge is controlled by you. This includes updating your knowledge or controlling the responses ariv provides to certain questions. You can also choose to control the type of questions that Ariv can answer directly or the ones that require intervention before being sent out. This ensures your workforce always gets accurate responses to their questions. With a dedicated channel for moderators, questions without answers can be addressed, responses can be tweaked and knowledge can be gated based on preference.

3. AI distributed knowledge

Ariv gives you and your teams the power to choose what knowledge can be circulated within the team. Ariv’s knowledge graph ensures that all of your knowledge stays upto date and knowledge can be retrieved based on the questions asked. Ariv let’s you choose questions that can be self served so that those questions get handled automatically. For more control on your knowledge process can be set for moderators to approve responses ariv picks up or curate new responses for circulation.


Ariv is available for a free trial (after sign up).

Significance to remote workers

Ariv will help in finding the relevant information, prevent unnecessary waiting for responses and make it easier to find relevant information from scattered documents. All without, leaving Slack or Microsoft Teams.




Large teams
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