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About helps businesses automate repetitive tasks and workflows by connecting their cloud applications.

What are the top Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About Automation 2.0 by DronaHQ

Create automations for variety of use cases in minutes. From getting event based alerts to notifying different teams.

Choose your triggers

Configure a trigger of your choice between an API or a webhook call or a scheduled cron job which can start off a series of interconnected automation steps.

Build multistep automation workflows

Connect and fetch data from DBs and APIs, include logical steps like iterations and branching and use custom JS wherever required to transform data.


Cloud Hosted


  • Price: Free
  • Duration: Forever
  • Support: Docs & Community

2. Plan: STARTER

  • Price: $10/user
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Support: Support Desk


  • Price: $25/user
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Support: Support Desk


  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: Custom
  • Support: Dedicated

Self Hosted


  • Price $0
  • Duration: Forever


  • Price: $25/user
  • Duration: 1 month


  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: 1 month

*All prices when billed annually

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#2 Alternative

About Breakout

A single platform to get financing, manage invoices, and paying bills, so you can spend time on building incredible businesses.

Flow Creator

  • Design your workflow with simple drag and drop

Super Bots

  • Let bots do all your redundant work and you only worry about important things


  • Connect processes, data streams & applications via powerful automations


  • Work with teams without any friction and keep track of everything

Powerful Boards

  • Get a quick overview of processes from a single dashboard


  • Create elegant digital forms & document templates to collect information


1. Plan: Starter

  • Price: Free
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1

2. Plan: Better

  • Price: $69
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Upto 10

3. Plan: Bolder

  • Price: $209
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Upto 30

4. Plan: Bigger

  • Price: $489
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Upto 100

*All prices when billed annually

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#3 Alternative

About Butternut

Butternut allows you to combine human action with automations to keep you in control while eliminating the busywork.


We designed an intuitive interface that lets you link your favorite services without writing a single line of code. Easy to use, drag and drop operations to pull in data, send them to your favorite services and integrate your data wherever it is.

USE PROGRAMMING CONTROL FLOW TOOLS Add conditional logic operators, loop over an array, format data and aggregate results. Pause your workflow for a defined duration or until it is resumed by a human flow-control tools


Use our preconfigured connectors to build your integrations or perform a custom HTTP request to communicate with any api connect app and API


Don't be afraid to update your workflows, even on Fridays! We implemented versioning and environment deployment model to let you do changes with an entire peace of mind


Your first 1k operations each month are free. Then starting at 0.002€ / operation.

You can run up to 800k operations for 853€.

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#4 Alternative

About Happisales

Happisales is an end to end field sales tracking softwarefor field sales reps, managers & management.

Log your customer touchpoints effortlessly.

Be it sales, collection, order, or service, Happisales lets your field executives log data effortlessly. Our software is designed to guarantee ease of use: it not only simplifies tasks for your field force but also paves way for swift communication.

  • Track the journey of all your field executives in real-time
  • Avail push notifications based on activities and tasks performed in the field
  • Use the tool without internet access
  • Gain better customer insights

Don’t miss out on appointments. Reach, engage and achieve more!

Set visit/call tasks for yourself and your peers automatically and sync them in your work calendar using our field force software. Happisales incorporates a wide range of features to help field executives reach their customers effectively and push themselves to achieve more.

  • Get timely reminders and notifications
  • Send customized notifications to your customers
  • Auto plan the best travel route based on the location of meetings
  • Leverage actionable insights and customer history data to better plan your approach

Motivate your team constantly, and keep up the spirits of your field executives

Happisales appreciates the work done by the field executives by acknowledging their personal achievements and notifying their respective team lead. Our software improves visibility for the field force which in turn helps them learn and perform better.

  • Recognize, and celebrate individual achievements
  • Set incentives
  • Let individuals know where they stand in the team based on targets
  • Offer personalized reports, and feedback

Progress tracking helps build better relationships and increases productivity!

We assess 15 parameters relevant to your field executives and monitor their individual as well as their team’s progress based on those parameters. Understanding the capabilities of each and every field executive helps in bringing out the best in them.

  • Set clear targets for the field executives and track them easily
  • Get progress reports of Individuals and Team
  • Get customizable reports on customers
  • Leverage ML-based suggestions to enhance performance


1. Plan: Standard

  • Price: ₹249
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1

2. Plan: Professional

  • Price: ₹299
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1

3. Plan: Enterprise

  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1

You can check further details for pricing on this link

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