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About Bloom

Bloom is the #1 self-guided therapy app to make therapy accessible and affordable for all.

What are the top Bloom Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best Bloom alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About Wundertask

Wundertask is a personal productivity app; simple, effective and very smart.

Intuitive Planning

  • Ever planned all the things you wanted to do on a given day, which felt super satisfying… until you quickly realise you planned too much and then it’s just stressful? Time buckets allow you to see immediately if your day plan looks achievable, because they organise your day in meaningful groupings: ‘Now’, ‘Next’, ‘Later’, ‘Evening’. Visit our guides for Tasks and Time Buckets to learn more.

It costs nothing to be organised

  • Really, we are being quite literal here. Wundertask’s essential features will remain free for anyone, forever. But if you want to fully streamline your life planning, learn more about Wundertask Pro on our Pro Features page.

No structure? No problem.

  • Not everyone is organised by nature. On top of that, well, life happens and things can change rather quickly. Besides our super intuitive Time Buckets, Wundertask allows you to use quick actions to quickly adapt your day plan. Like swiping left on a task to skip it or defer it, and moving the task around with drag and drop.

It’s simple

  • As we said, our mission is to make your life simple… Including when it comes to getting you started with Wundertask. Tap the button below to watch our Quick Start video and see what Wundertask looks like in action.


It is absolutely free to use but offers in app purchases.

#2 Alternative

About Aura

Transform your sleep, wellbeing, and life with the personalized, all-in-one wellness app.

Find peace every day with one app for your whole well-being.

  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution to mental well-being. Aura is the first all-in-one wellness app that learns how to best help you. Discover an endless library of expert-created tracks for your well-being, all taught by the world’s best coaches, therapists, and storytellers. With Aura's personalized recommendations, you can find peace every morning, day and night.

The best sleep of your life is just the start

  • From meditations to stories to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), find everything you need for your wellbeing in one app.

Access the world's largest community of world-class coaches & therapists.

  • Aura is home to hundreds of vetted, world-class coaches & therapists. Listen to their content and also receive 1-1 coaching directly from your favorite coaches.


Aura is free to use. It is available on Apple and Google Playstore.

#3 Alternative

About BallerToDo

Visualize and plan with BallerToDo for enhanced productivity.

Our BallerToDoLogo take on the Eisenhower Matrix

  • Click to add; drag-drop to adjust priorities

Unlimited boards 🤘

  • Access all your boards from the dashboard

Make it yours!

  • Configure names and axes for any needs

Sharing is caring 🤗

  • Allow others to View and Edit


It is absolutely free to use.

#4 Alternative

About BeatO

BeatO is India’s leading Diabetes Tracking and Care App that helps people control diabetes through Blood Sugar Tracking, Care Programs & expert guidance.

SMARTER MONITORING With powerful connected devices

  • BeatO's innovative smartphone glucometers and connected monitoring devices help you easily monitor and get real-time guidance for your blood sugar, blood pressure and other health vitals.

PERSONALIZED INSIGHTS With BeatO's AI based Health Neuron System

  • Get the right guidance at the right time via BeatO's health chatbot, nudges and reminders. Also, automatically save readings, analyse trends and share emergency alerts with family and doctors.

DAILY COACHING FROM EXPERTS With BeatO's health Coaches & Doctors

  • Get personalized care at every step from our top doctors, certified health coaches, nutrition analysts and yoga therapists who help you prevent, manage and reverse chronic conditions.

COMPLETE HEALTH PLANS With our specialised subscriptions

  • With BeatO you make big savings on your medical expenses. Our team will help you choose a plan that best suits your needs. You can also add-on Health Insurance specialised for your condition.

ONE-STOP-SPECIALTY SHOP With BeatO's health shop

  • Get all your essentials—test strips, medicines & lab tests from the app. Also choose from our specially curated health foods and wellness products to manage your health with ease.


1. Plan- 6 Months

  • Price: ₹7,999
  • Duration 6 Months

2. Plan- 12 Months

  • Price: ₹14,999
  • Duration 12 Months

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