Code Version Control

Maintain code versions for different teams.

If you’re a software developer, you’ve probably been told to always keep your code repository updated. This is especially important if you want to release bug-free updates.

Keeping code up-to-date can be challenging, especially if many developers are working on the same project remotely. If developers make changes to different parts of the code at different times, it can be practically impossible to keep track of all the changes and know when everything has been tested again.

Instead of trying to remember which version of a particular piece of code someone else changed, it’s better to have multiple developers update the same code base at the same time in an automated process called version control.

Code version control tools help keep track of changes to code and provide a platform for remote team collaboration. Using a code version control tool, such as Git or SVN, enables developers to collaborate remotely by providing them with a secure storage system where they can maintain a complete backup of the project’s source code.

Here are a few code version control tools that should be on every software development team's list.

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