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About genei

genei is an AI-powered research that automatically summarises background reading and produce blogs, articles, and reports faster.

What are the top genei Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best genei alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative


Keep chains of notes. Don't waste your time on folders and tags names creation.

Notes as containers

Don't waste your time on folders and tags names creation

Day and night theme

Set theme in MacOS, iPhone and Android app

Images. Files. Links

Save notes with photo, generic files attachments and links

Offline mode

Offline notes creation and search

Bookmark selected notes

Bookmark notes on the first screen of your storage

Sync between devices

Background sync between devices

Unlimited number of devices

Support for an unlimited number of devices for one account

No ads


Pricing can be downloaded used for free.

#2 Alternative

About Upnotes

Upnotes helps you automatically create and organize your software engineering notes to help improve long term productivity.

Configure your git repo to create page for each branch

Take all your repository notes inside a git repo page

Powered with editors like VS code, Markdown, Diagram, Diff, Formatter....

We believe that developers need more then just a plain editor to capture the ideas and the context for any task. That's why we have support for multiple editors.

Full hierarchy support for notes.

You can create subpages inside any page.

Powered with git.

All your notes are saved in markdown format. We init git to notes directory and do commit periodically to make sure you can go back in history and do not lose anything

  • You just write your notes and we do commit your notes time to time
  • No more worries of losing notes
  • Sync your notes to github or gitlab because your notes only belongs you.

To do support

Simple todo list for each task. You can create a subpage with type todo editor.

Diagram support using mermaid

Writing design docs becomes lot easier with diagram support. Generation of diagram and flowchart from text in a similar manner as markdown using mermaid. Real time editor to create mermaid diagrams.

GitJournal support for iOS and android

For quick access to your notes, we support GitJournal for iOS and android. You can use git sync to sync across mobile and your desktop.


Upnotes can be downloaded and evaluated for free.

#3 Alternative

About Workflowy

Workflowy is a zoomable list that provides unprecedented flexibility in organizing your ideas.

Capture Everything

Workflowy is lightning fast, just open the app and start typing. Drag-and-drop files in-line, no need to switch apps.

  • Files + Images: Add unlimited files and images in-line. Simply drag-and-drop.
  • Global Search: Instantly search through all your documents, no more lost files.
  • Mobile Apps: Capture anything on the go with iOS and Android apps.

Organize Anything

An infinitely nesting structure lets you organize your world exactly as you want it. Kanban boards and live copy give you ultimate control.

  • Tags: Tag items to quickly filter and visually identify them.
  • Kanban Boards: Turn lists into super-powered kanban boards.
  • Live Copy (Mirrors): Create live copies of anything. View and update from anywhere.

Analyze Deeply

Zoom in from a thousand-mile high view to a microscopic one in an instant. Collapse unimportant details and display only what matters right now.

  • Infinite Nesting: Develop deep ideas naturally without losing context.
  • Expand + Collapse: Focus on the forest or the trees, fly with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Backlinks: Backlink to anything, references are automatically created

Share Instantly

Dead-simple sharing permissions let you control who sees what and easily collaborate with anyone. They don’t even need an account to view or edit items.

  • No-login Editing: People you share with don’t need an account to view or edit.
  • Simple Sharing Permissions: Several options to share items quickly and securely.
  • Quick-saving: Easily save shared items to your account for later viewing.


1. Plan: Basic

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 1

2. Plan: Workflowy Pro

  • Price: $4.99
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#4 Alternative

About Zoho Notebook

Take notes, add files, create checklists and sketches, record audio, and capture moments using Notebook.

Notable Gestures

  • Flick to find the Note Cards you need.
  • Pinch to group Note Cards into a stack.
  • Pinch to fold Note Cards like an accordion.
  • Swipe your notebooks and Note Cards for information.

Customize and organize

  • Make each notebook yours by selecting one of our handcrafted covers.
  • Copy and move Note Cards to keep your ideas in order.
  • Assign colors to your Note Cards to stay organized.
  • See your Note Cards in either grid or landscape style views.

Note the details

  • Marvel at how objects react to your touch.
  • See Note Cards behave like magnets when you group or ungroup them.
  • Watch font colors change according to each Note Card's color.

All the Extras

  • Tag your notes to make them easily searchable and keep them organized.
  • Secure your notes and notebooks with passcodes and Touch ID.
  • Refer to previous versions of a note by checking its Version History.
  • Ask Zia to help you save content to Notebook, search for notes, and set reminders with voice commands.
  • Multi-task with Notebook in iPad Pro


Notebook is free to download.

However, you can purchase Notebook Pro which gives you access to 100GB cloud storage for notes and files at ₹999/year.

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