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About IDrive

Secure, fast, and simple online backup and file-sharing for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Servers.

What are the top IDrive Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best IDrive alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About Elephant Drive

At ElephantDrive, we never forget how important your files are. We’ll be your online hard drive and keep them safe for you.

Windows, Mac, Linux & mobile compatible

ElephantDrive backs up and syncs your data from Windows, Linux, Apple IOS, and Android devices.

Mobile & tablet friendly

You can access, save, and share your files from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can also upload and backup new files.

Keeps your files safe

ElephantDrive uses powerful AES 256-bit encryption and an SSL secured channel to keep your data safe, secure, and private.

Up-to-date everywhere ElephantDrive syncs data across all your devices. Edit a file at work, pick up where you left off at home.

Share your files

Share a folder with colleagues so they can edit or add files. Changes automatically sync across each other’s devices so you’re always on the same page.

Backup directly from NAS

All leading NAS (network-attached storage) devices natively integrate with ElephantDrive. Double-lock your important documents for extra peace of mind.

Backs up automatically

After setup, everything is automatic. Your files will back up without you needing to monitor them, and you’ll get notifications reminding you to backup new files.


1. Plan 1 Safely store your personal files

  • Price: $10
  • Duration: 1 month
  • 1,000 GB included, 1 Sub-account

2. Plan 2 Safely store your family files

  • Price: $20
  • Duration: 1 month
  • 2,000 GB included, 10 Sub-account

[You can check for further details on pricing plans of Elephant Drive on this link] (https://www.elephantdrive.com)

#2 Alternative

About Filemail

With Filemail, you can share large files up to 5 GB free using email or a secure link.

Secure File Transfers

Secure data transfer and storage is important. Share files online with a file sending service that uses end-to-end data encryption, 2-factor authentication, password protection, and virus scanning.

Receive large files

With Filemail you can receive large files from your clients and customers. They can transfer files to you without needing to register or install anything.

UDP Transfer Acceleration

Our custom-made UDP transfer acceleration protocol enables you to achieve blistering fast file transfer rates. Available for both Windows and Mac. Benchmarking shows we are faster than most file sharing services.

File Request

Use our file request feature to privately ask someone to transfer large files to you. You can collect any type of files, and use custom forms to obtain the information you need from the sender.

Track File Sharing Activity

Keep track of who has sent you files, who you have received files from, who has accessed files you shared, and when, and who has yet to respond to any file requests you have made.

Compliant File Sharing

Globally distributed servers enable you to choose which region to host your files in. Use a solution that is HIPAA compliant, GDPR compliant, and compliant with a number of other mandates.

Integrate File Upload Form

Your customers can transfer large files to you without leaving your website. All you need to do is use one line of HTML to integrate an upload form on your site.

Automatic Download

Don't wait for your files to download before you can begin working. Use Filemail to automatically download large file transfers while you are doing whatever you are doing, even sleeping.

Customization And Branding

Customize and brand your Filemail account and custom subdomain, so it is visually the same as your company brand. Use your logo, images and colour scheme of your choice. Modify further with HTML and Javascript.


A 7-day free trial is available with all plans listed below.

1. Plan: Individual For pro

  • **Price: **$9
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Storage: 1 TB
  • File availability: 30 days

2. Plan: Multi User For business

  • Price: $15
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Storage: 1 TB per user
  • File availability: Forever

3. Plan: Managed File Transfer For enterprise

  • Price: $40
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Storage: 5 TB
  • File availability: Forever

All prices when billed annually.

You can check further information on this link

#3 Alternative

About Files.fm

Files.fm cloud storage platform provides tools to store, share, publish and sell content: photos, videos, music, books and documents

Securely store your largest files

  • Store your largest files securely
  • Enjoy EU data protection standards
  • IconSet file access rights and passwords

Encrypted sharing with teams

  • Share files only to identified users
  • Integrate content and workflows
  • Publish and use e-commerce tools

Grow your business with advanced tools and API

  • Up to 1000 TB of storage
  • Custom data limits, features and API
  • Unlimited upload/download bandwidth


We offer multiple multiple plans based on use case but core plans for personal and business use are below.

1. Plan: Basic Account

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • 5 GB private cloud storage

2. Plan: 500GB Personal

  • Price: €2,99
  • ** Duration:** 1 month

3. Plan: 2TB + PRO features

  • Price: €6,90
  • ** Duration:** 1 month
  • 20 GB file size

4. Plan: 2TB + Business features

  • Price: €19 + VAT
  • ** Duration:** 1 month
  • Business tech support

You can further check on for pricing details on this link

#4 Alternative

About Google Drive

Store, share, and collaborate on files and folders from your mobile device, tablet, or computer

Built-in protections against malware, spam, and ransomware

Drive can provide encrypted and secure access to your files. Files shared with you can be proactively scanned and removed when malware, spam, ransomware, or phishing is detected. And Drive is cloud-native, which eliminates the need for local files and can minimize risk to your devices.

People-first collaboration apps to supercharge teamwork

Drive integrates with Docs, Sheets, and Slides, cloud-native collaboration apps that enable your team to create content and collaborate more effectively in real time.

Integration with the tools and apps your team is already using

Drive integrates with and complements your team’s existing technology. Collaborate in Microsoft Office files without the need to convert file formats, and edit and store over 100 additional file types, including PDFs, CAD files, images, and more.

Google’s Search and AI technology helps your team move faster

Google’s powerful search capabilities are embedded in Drive and offer speed, reliability, and collaboration. And features like Drive search chips help your team find files fast by quickly surfacing more relevant results.


1. Plan: Personal

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 1
  • Storage: 15 GB

2. Plan: Business Starter

  • Price: $6
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1
  • Storage: 30 GB

**3. Plan: Business Standard **

  • Price: $12
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1
  • Storage: 2 TB

**4. Plan: Business Plus **

  • Price: $18
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1
  • Storage: 5 TB

**5. Plan: Enterprise **

  • Price: Custom
  • Storage: Custom

You can check further details for pricing at this link

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