JIRA Software Competitors

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Find the best competitors to JIRA Software. Check out the product information and reviews for JIRA Software competitors and pick the best tool for your needs.

Best JIRA Software competitors

Top JIRA Software competitors include Linear, BugBattle and Zoho Bug Tracker. Also find more competitors to JIRA Software from the below list.

When to use JIRA Software

Quickly capture, assign and prioritize bugs with Jira Software and track all aspects of the software development cycle. Jira's powerful workflow engine provides a clear view of a bug's status, and automation keeps you in the know with notifications as issues transition from backlog to done. Jira Software is the connective tissue for your software team, giving you full visibility and control of your products' end-to-end development.

Competitor #1

Linear is an issue tracking and project management tool that combines UI elegance with world-class performance.

Competitor #2

BugBattle is the most affordable and fun in-app bug reporting tool for apps & web apps.

Competitor #3

A simple, fast and scalable bug tracking system that helps you manage bugs easily and deliver great products on time.

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