LinkDoctor.io is a marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization, particularly white hat link building.

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LinkDoctor.io is a marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization, particularly white hat link building.

Ethical White Hat Link Building Services

First and foremost, Our link building services are done organically and in an ethical manner. No black hat link building here! We are link building agency who play by Google’s rules and take a human centric route to earn high quality backlinks by nourishing relationships through bloggers’ outreach, guest posting, broken link building, and SEO link building. Our link building service take a comprehensive approach – integrating content creation, backlinks, and SEO services to produce the desired business results for you.

You'll Never Believe How JUST Creative's Sales Increased Up-to 300% With Our Link Building Service

This is the story of how Just Creative partnered with LinkDoctor to solve the problems faced by every up-and-coming business website. Jacob Cass found Just Creative just to document his studies. Later in 2015, the blog grew and saw a boost in organic traffic. This became the backbone of his business and brought in clients, ad revenue, and affiliate revenue.

Quality Over Quantity

Ethical link building is all about quality. Link building service agencies sometimes abuse the backlinking process with spammy, low quality links, and unnatural link building tactics have tarnished the credibility of this field. Nothing will ever convince us that quality links are not the superior choice! Our link building efforts center on creating organic backlinks with high-quality websites that matter to Google. We do all it takes to maintain top-notch quality links for your business.

We Are A Results-Oriented Link Building Agency

Backlinking is not just an exercise meant to please the search engines. What ultimately matters is that it’s bringing you improved business results. Our link building service considers your business objectives to design and execute an effective link building strategy. Whether you’re looking for improved search ranking, lead generation, or increased revenue, you can rest assured that our link building services will drive exceptional results for your business.

Beyond Just Links

When it comes to link building services, agencies will typically build just a few links, and their job is done. That isn’t how we work. Our job doesn’t stop at link building activities! We dive deep into all aspects of search engine optimization to optimize every little thing on and off your website to strengthen its position on the search engine. We monitor our link-building efforts, keep track of the metrics, and continuously improvise and adjust to reap the best results. And the best part is, we keep you in the loop with regular progress reports.

Risk Free, Month-to-Month Contracts

Customer satisfaction is at the core of LinkDoctor’s values. Your contentment and peace of mind matter to us! Therefore, we focus on providing you with a risk free experience. You can work with us on a month-to-month contract basis. If you wish to continue with our link building services, we will renew the contract, or you can opt out with no hassle or liability. Unlike other link building companies, we offer a Link Replacement Guarantee to our clients. If you are not 100% satisfied with any link, we will replace it. We monitor your links to confirm their continual placement, and if removed, we will replace those links too.

SEO Link Building Services That Brings You Fast Results

Businesses often overlook link building, deeming it a tedious and labor-intensive task. So do most SEO agencies. It is a common notion that manual link building costs more and is slow to bring impressive results. But that’s not entirely true. Yes, effective link building requires a lot of effort, but you shouldn’t have to wait long for excellent results. We, at LinkDoctor, ensure your online success through ethical SEO Link Building Services in the shortest possible time.


1. Plan: Gold

  • Ideal for small sized businesses

2. Plan: Diamond

  • Ideal for medium sized businesses

3. Plan: Platinum

  • Ideal for large sized businesses

4. Plan: Custom

  • Custom plan based on industry, keywords and competition.

You can request pricing details for each plan on LinkDoctor's website.

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Significance to remote workers

Link building services help grow your brand in the competitive space by curating the best SEO strategy for your business. They help you gain organic traffic & keywords, improve conversion rates, improve brand visibility, build authentic links, and produce relevant content for users.


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