Liveops, a virtual contact center, delivers scalable, on-demand experiences through the VirtualFlex platform for both pl..

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Liveops, a virtual contact center, delivers scalable, on-demand experiences through the VirtualFlex platform for both planned and unplanned CX needs.

VirtualFlex: Delivering better CX outcomes with the right talent at the right time.

This platform supports the ideal contact center augmentation strategy, bringing together US-based agent talent with the ability to easily respond to surges in demand. Don’t let the next surprise get in the way of delivering a great customer experience.

The Liveops difference.

The VirtualFlex platform attracts self-starting agents who deliver great experiences every time. With the power to choose when, where, and how they provide services, Liveops agents commit to brands they love and have the autonomy to build their businesses alongside these enterprise clients. With this strategy, everyone wins. We call this agent community Liveops Nation.

Better AX means better CX.

The VirtualFlex platform delivers the right agent at the right time, with the right results. The agent community sits at the core, and we don’t take this lightly. We are passionate about the agent experience, because we know agents have many choices in their careers. And for tens of thousands of skilled professionals, their choice is to partner with Liveops and strengthen your brand.

Connection through community.

We call the agent community Liveops Nation. It’s a private, virtual community where agents connect with each other and their program teams to maximize their experience while contracting with Liveops. Agents supporting a common client have a private, dedicated space to share best practices and support one another, all while staying engaged with their program teams. Here are just some of the Liveops Nation initiatives that lead to better experiences for customers.

Optimizing the agent experience.

Strengthening an agent’s sense of belonging and connection improves their lives and leads to better customer experiences and client outcomes. This doesn’t happen automatically, and the VirtualFlex platform has two decades of experience innovating and optimizing the agent journey. We’ve cultivated a virtual community, Liveops Nation, that encourages agents to connect with one another. Liveops has a dedicated Agent Experience team who works together with client teams creating engagement opportunities that nurture and support agents through each step of their journey with Liveops.


You can connect with LoveOps team to learn more about different soltuions here.

Significance to remote workers

This tech-enabled, data-powered platform inspires and motivates brand-certified agents to deliver better experiences and attracts entrepreneurial US-based professionals with life experience that helps them connect with customers and strengthen enterprise brands.


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