Look DS service is a simple and reliable software solution for remote management of digital screens networks of various ..

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Look DS service is a simple and reliable software solution for remote management of digital screens networks of various scales and purposes.


Increase a traffic and an average check in your store by mixing special offers with the eye-catching videos and entertaining content items within the remotely managed digital signage network.


Change the board menu in your restaurant staying at home and without wasting your employees' time. Inform your hotel guests about additional services, current news, weather forecasts and must-visit city spots.


Reduce waiting time by implementing self-service interactive tools in the branches. Improve your customer experience by broadcasting useful information, like stock exchange news and forecasts.


Engage your staff and increase their loyalty, building a strong communication channel within your corporate environment using motivating videos, fresh company news, achievements’ announcements and etc.

Advanced Layout Designer

Using a highly flexible tool, you can divide the screen into the multiple areas and create a unique layout for your broadcasting.

Interactive Features

Using the digital signage software from Look, you can create the multi-layered interactive scenarios without writing a single line of a program code.

Third-party integration

There is an ability to setup a scenario, where data in your layout can be changed automatically by the external triggers

True 4K

We do not compress video files. If your device supports 4K, Look digital signage software will play the content exactly in this resolution.

Offline Playback

All the scenarios, that has been already uploaded on your players, will proceed to normally playback even in an offline mode.

Best-In-Class 24/7 Customer Support

We help our customers in solving of their issues through our 24/7 online chat available right in their personal accounts.


1. Plan: PRO

  • Price: Starts at $15/ screen
  • Duration: 1 month
  • 5 Gb storage

*Choose your plan with customisable number of screens. *10% discount on yearly plans.

You can check further details for pricing on this link

Significance to remote workers

Look allows to manage all the media content, been it audio, video, dynamic streams or interactive scenarios in an unlimited number of locations at any time and from anywhere.


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