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A collaboration hub uniting email, chat and files in one app.

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About Loop Email

A collaboration hub uniting email, chat and files in one app.

Get team email under control

  • Shared inbox: Manage emails as a team with a simple yet powerful shared inbox
  • Assign owners: Know who’s in charge of any conversation by assigning an owner
  • Track status: Keep track of open conversations, and close any resolved ones
  • Universal inbox: Process all emails and chat messages in a single inbox view
  • Shared labels & tags: Share a tagging system as a team to keep your inbox organized
  • Filters: Create personalized views of your inbox easily and quickly with filters in Loop
  • Rules & automations: Automate workflows for yourself and your team with a powerful rules engine
  • Snooze: Snooze a conversation for a period of time to keep your inbox organized
  • Subscribe or mute: Manage exactly what messages you want to see in your Loop inbox

Respond faster to customers

  • Side chat on emails: Start a private side chat on any email thread and resolve enquiries within minutes
  • SLAs: Get your response time optimized with SLA notifications for your team
  • Templated responses: Set up templated responses to frequent queries & share them with your team
  • Collision detection: Prevent sending multiple replies by mistake with collision detection flagging
  • Round Robin & Workload assignment: Optimize who gets assigned to each email
  • Desktop & mobile: Resolve customer enquiries quickly on the go or from your desktop

Automate your workflows

  • Shared rules: Set up team-wide automated rules to organize your inbox and handle incoming emails
  • Personal rules: Increase your own and your team’s personal productivity by automating your custom workflows
  • SLAs: Automate reminders and nudges for your team to help reach your customer service goals

Improve teamwork

  • Team channels: Create chat channels for each of your teams or projects
  • Direct messages: Chat 1-2-1 with anyone in your team right inside Loop and get things done faster
  • Side chat on emails: Start a private side chat on any email thread and resolve enquiries within minutes

Get insights and reports

  • Targeted insights: Get insights into how your team and your business are working by setting up customizable reports
  • Automated reporting: Set up automated reports that give you a snapshot of the key productivity metrics across your team
  • Clear visibility: Get visibility on how your team operates to improve how you handle customer enquiries

More Features

  • Calendar: Plan your day with Loop’s agenda and view all upcoming meetings alongside your inbox
  • Themes: Customize the look and feel of your Loop inbox by choosing one of the Loop themes.
  • Works with all email providers: Connect any email provider, such as Gmail, Outlook, Exchange or IMAP.
  • Custom signatures: Create custom signatures for each of your connected inboxes.
  • Starred to-do's: Easily access your own personal to-do’s by adding a star to any message.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Speed up your daily workflows with handy keyboard shortcuts



  • Price: 15€/user
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Unlimited users
  • 3 shared inboxes

2. PRO

  • Price: 30€/user
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Unlimited users
  • 10 shared inboxes


  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: Custom
  • User(s): Unlimited users
  • 10+ shared inboxes (pay per additional)

*All prices when billed annually

You can check further details for pricing on this link

Significance to remote workers

Loop gets your team organized & in control of incoming emails by eliminating noise and chaos from your inbox.

Resolve customer enquiries at light speed, without cluttered email chains and unnecessary context switching.

Eliminate time wasted on busywork by using automated workflows, SLA reminders, and templated responses.


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