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Find the best competitors to Obsidian. Check out the product information and reviews for Obsidian competitors and pick the best tool for your needs.

Best Obsidian competitors

Top Obsidian competitors include Notejoy, Notepad.pw and Notion. Also find more competitors to Obsidian from the below list.

When to use Obsidian

Obsidian was built to satisfy the need to build a personal knowledge base.

The three most fundamental directions of Obsidian:

  • Local-first and plain text;
  • Link as first-class citizen;
  • Make it super extensible.

Although we call Obsidian a personal knowledge base or your "second brain", we also like to think of it as an IDE for your notes. You can think of an IDE as a powerful frontend that tries to understand your code, such as where are functions and variables stored, what are their types, and by doing so make it super easy to navigate code and get suggestions as you type.

Competitor #2

Notepad.pw is a collection of powerful productivity tools to help you enrich your note-taking experience.

Competitor #3

We’re more than a doc. Or a table. Customize Notion to work the way you do. We are blending much of your workflow into an all-in-one workspace.

Competitor #4

Notud is fast, secure, handwritten digital notes that are instantly and securely filed and stored in the cloud.

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