Referral Booster by Roots (Acquired by Deel) Alternatives

About Referral Booster by Roots (Acquired by Deel)

Referral Booster creates automated announcements in Slack for open job listings from existing recruiting systems.

What are the top Referral Booster by Roots (Acquired by Deel) Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best Referral Booster by Roots (Acquired by Deel) alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About Naprok

Augment your team, communicate, track productivity and code quality from a single, fraud protected platform.

1- Predictable Costs

  • We bill you based on a tracked number of hours and rates. No adding hidden costs or +50% of hours to the monthly invoice from nowhere.

2- Relevant сandidates

  • Each of the developers on our platform has passed screening by the tech stack, soft skills, and English proficiency. That’s why we’re confident in all the candidates we provide.

3- Intellectual Property Rights

  • In line with Policy, every line of code and software the engineers make during the project belongs to the project owner.

4- No Shadow Employees

  • When you hire the developer, you communicate with them directly and manage their workflow without intermediaries from the vendor's side. Hence, you won’t pay for additional managers.

5- 14-Day Billing Cycle

  • Regardless of tech proficiency, every developer has a different level of performance. We withhold the payments for two weeks to ascertain you’re satisfied with the progress the engineer makes.

6- No Threat of Opportunism

  • The core of our platform is an AI Engine that identifies code patterns of every developer by 20 various criteria. In this way, we rule out the opportunity of the vendor to appoint another dev for the project without your knowledge.


1. Plan - Naprok

  • Price: $1500
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Users: Unlimited Teams Hired
  • Automated payroll system
  • Trial period
  • Team scalability
  • Add-ons included in hourly rate
  • Vendor Assessment

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#2 Alternative

About Notch

Notch helps fast-growing companies find, hire, and manage the best developers - anywhere in the world.

Faster hiring

We match candidates within 72 hours on average and manage the interview process end-to-end.


Notch developers are commited to being motivated teammates there for the long-term.

Always-on support

We're your reliable partner working in the background to reduce your team management overhead.

Guaranteed fit

We give 30-day evaluation period so you can hire fast without risk and assess on the job performance.


Notch developers work a full-time consistent daily schedule directly with your team.

Senior level

Every developer in our network has been vetted at a senior level and is a top performer.


Build a diverse team with the best talent from across the globe with focus on Europe and the Americas.


We use automated assessment combined with real-world data to ensure an effective remote worker.


Notch has $0 upfront costs.

You can check further details on how it works here

#3 Alternative

About Omnipresent

Omnipresent makes it easy to hire, pay, and support global teams for any business.

1- Compliance

  • Adapting to local employment law and customs
  • Avoiding misclassification, undocumented work and disputes
  • Protecting IP and business interests

2- Employee experience

  • Top-quality onboarding and ongoing communications
  • Dedicated points of contact, in local language
  • Access to localized benefits and policies

3- Timesaving & efficiency

  • Speedy onboarding
  • Fast response times
  • A complete employee management service

4- Cost

  • Substantial time-saving for you
  • A top-quality employee experience, reducing risk of employee attrition
  • Beware of over-ambitious service claims from fully-automated solutions


Pricing is custom dependent on the required services. You can book a call here.

#4 Alternative

About PeoplActive

Hire senior pre-vetted remote developers with impeccable skills on-demand.

On-demand Talent within 48 Hours

Scale up or down at any time, no strings attached. Get to choose from flexible engagements, from hourly to full-time.

Top-tier and Pre-vetted Technology Experts

Pick from our robust and scarce technology talent pool. Each applicant is vetted through a rigorous selection process.

Role-Specific Quality

Tested track record of cloud talent to match your company with relevant candidate with extensive experience perfect for the role you’re trying to fill.

Managed Talent

Leave the hardware, software, payroll, legal, data security and other mandatories management of those talents to us! Our remote engagement code of conduct guarantees responsiveness and accountability.


You can request a quote by filling the form.

#5 Alternative

About Prelude (Calendly)

Prelude is a scheduling-automation platform built expressly for recruiting teams and their complex interview scenarios.

Candidate self-scheduling

Designed for one-on-one or group interviews, Bookings allow candidates to pick the date and time that works best for them. Bookings can be sent to candidates ad-hoc or in bulk.

Complex, multi-part interview scheduling

Coordinate any interview schedule, no matter how complex, in a few clicks. Just pick your interview types and desired order, and Prelude will identify options to choose from based on live calendar availability.

Keep everything in sync

Calendly's Prelude automatically syncs with the tools you rely on every day — applicant tracking systems, video conferencing, calendars, Slack, and coding assessment tools — and serves as the single source of truth for your recruiting team.

Grow your interviewer bench

Build up your interviewer bench faster when you incorporate training into your scheduling process. Add trainees to relevant interviews in just a click and easily track everyone’s progress.

Improve your recruiting process

Hit your hiring goals faster with actionable analytics and insights, from scheduling metrics to interviewer capacity and more.


You can book a demo here.

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