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What are the top Tactiq Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best Tactiq alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About Signal Flare

We make understanding your analytics fast and easy. Don't bother your data scientist with small questions.

Use Signal Flare as your marketing log book

Keep a record of your actions to see their effects over time. Signal Flare will show you what you did, when you did it, and how it helped grow your business.

See your marketing notes inside all your charts

Signal Flare puts context into your charts as annotations on your data. You don’t need to change your dashboard because Signal Flare works with the tools you are already using.

Differential analysis made easy

Quickly configure which notes you want to see on your charts and measure how those actions have improved your metrics. Use colors to organize your notes.


Signal Flare is available in the Chrome Web Store and can be added for free.

#3 Alternative

About Stashany

Stashany is designed for developer who would like to take quick a note anywhere.

For Developer

Code editor interface that recognize common data and coding syntax. You can view your debug log and code snippet more easily with syntax hightlight and code folding or even do a RegEx search.

Future proof

No proprietary file format, just basic folder structure and plain text files. If you find other app more suitable for you later, you can change easily.

Write fast anywhere

Launch and Write is the core design of Stashany. 90% of time, you just want to quickly write down something or need a place to save your work temporary. We let you Write immediately, organizing and formatting can be done later.


Stashany is free to use.

#4 Alternative

About Supernotes

Supernotes is your new home for ideas, records, tasks, and lists.

Tired of files and folders? Say hello to notecards

Long-form documents are impractical for storing knowledge. Niklas Luhmann discovered this and that's why he came up with is Zettelkasten system for storing knowledge. He based it on notecards! We've taken it a step further making our notecards collaborative, linkable, nestable and so much more. Wave goodbye to those esoteric folder–file structures we have relied on for 100s of years which just aren't suited to how we think.

Interact with your notes faster than you can blink

Tired of long waiting times and spinning astrolabes? Immediately log onto Supernotes from anywhere and take notes in seconds. We aim for all interactions on Supernotes to be 100ms, that's over three times quicker than the average eye blink.

Access your notes securely from any device

Don't let your knowledge get tied down to a single place, whether it's on your laptop or in paper folders. Access your notes securely wherever you are with Supernotes. Our app is web-first, meaning you can access it from pretty much any internet-enabled device, small or big, from a friend's iPhone to your grandad's PC.

Our interface is an absolute delight to use

Too many apps try to solve everything. We try and do one thing as well as we can – that's making your knowledge as useful to you as possible. Our user interface is clean, simple and easy to use so you can focus without any distractions.

“Help my notes app isn't working?!”

If you're fed up with buggy, unreliable note-taking apps, then Supernotes is for you. We are extremely reliable, and have over 99.999% API Uptime over the last 12 months. That means we had less than 5.26 minutes of downtime last year – less than a coffee break. In the unlikely event that something does come up, you can always chat with us immediately.

We don't snoop and we don't sell your data

Notes are personal and we take privacy very seriously. On Supernotes your data is always encrypted in transit (forced SSL) and encrypted at rest (AES-256). Our team will never read or access your note content, unless we have received your express permission during a customer support interaction.

Need help? Chat with us quickly within the app

To help you get started with Supernotes, we have put together a comprehensive help section, including a cheatsheet, in depth documentation and YouTube tutorials. And if you would like some 1:1 help, you can chat to us directly using the in-app messenger. We will get back to you as soon as we can, even on evenings and weekends.

Designed to help you beat procrastination

We built Supernotes to help you build a more efficient workflow. We have spent countless hours researching the best techniques to boost knowledge retention. That's why we introduced things like our 1200 character soft limit – this helps you break down your knowledge into more manageable, singular ideas, rather than being stuck in an endless document. We also write helpful productivity articles on our blog so definitely check them out.

Import your existing markdown notes for free

Want to move from your existing system? You can import all your notes (provided they are in a markdown format) for free. We make sure we preserve all your formatting including bi-directional links between notes!

Focus on what you're working on day by day

We have a dedicated view for all of the notecards you interact with throughout the day. This is super handy for when you want to jot your thoughts down in the morning, keeping track of events during the day or feel like having a quick review of the all the day's notes in the evening.

Re-discover lost notes and expand on them

When you are in a rush you might write down some ideas / reminders in your notes app. Previously you might have found those ideas get lost in an abundance of other notes. So we created the Thoughts view to solve this. In the Thoughts view you can find those lonely notes without a title, content or links to the rest of of your knowledge base.

Instantly find a note and change views

Can't remember which folder you put that recipe from a year ago? That's a thing of the past. Using the Command Prompt, search all your notecards and find what you are looking for in seconds. You can also use the Command Prompt to switch between different views, toggle night mode and more!

Write in Markdown with LaTeX Maths support

Markdown helps you add quickly formatting to plain text, so you can think about what you are writing rather than how to format it. A very limited version has been added to many messaging services due to it's speed. Bold – that's markdown. But we've extended it to include maths equations (using a format known as LaTeX), as well as supporting Checklists, Images and YouTube videos too!

Connect your knowledge together like legos

Supernotes is based around our unique notecard format which is easy to learn and powerful once your master it. Just like legos you can piece them together to build your own interlinked knowledge database.

Group your notes using tags and then filter them

Every notecard on Supernotes can be tagged. This is great for quickly categorising your knowledge. Once you added a tag to a card, you can click on it to filter the cards in your current view by that tag. Super useful for when you takes notes about the same topic at during different days - such as a series of events or lectures.

Receive notecards from friends in your Inbox

When friends send you a card they appear in your inbox. Then you can review whether you'd like to add a card to your library or not. It's pretty magical waking up in the morning, checking your Supernotes and reading some knowledge your friends have shared with you. You instantly feel more productive!

Frequent community-inspired product updates

We are constantly improving Supernotes for you. We love getting our community involved. Everything new we build is based on the great feedback from our Community Forum. We know that new features don't always create a better experience, so we take care to make sure every update makes Supernotes simpler, faster and more powerful.

Built with you in mind, not large organisations

Many collaborative note-taking tools are built for teams and universites, making the experience less than ideal for individual users. They may offer a free plan for individuals, but their roadmap is dedicated to their paying customers which are large teams. We built and designed Supernotes specifially for you, the individual, giving your greater power and control over your own knowledge.


1. Plan: Starter

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 1

2. Plan: Unlimited

  • Price: $7.5
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1

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