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#1 Alternative

About Building Remote

Building Remotely is a podcast, blog, events page and newsletter that is discussing every aspect of starting, building and growing a company remotely.

Building Remotely is brought to you by SafetyWing, a fully-remote YC backed startup on a mission to build the world's first safety net for remote workers and companies.

For the past few years, remote work has been increasingly on the rise. That doesn’t mean building a thriving remote business is easy. Unfortunately, while there is a lot of info out there on the benefits of remote work, there isn’t much instruction. Enter Building Remotely, your guide to building and scaling a successful remote company.

The Building Remotely Podcast

In each podcast episode, Sondre Rasch, CEO and Co-founder of SafetyWing, interviews remote founders and thought leaders to discover innovative and thought-provoking ways to successfully build a remote company. Through the series, we will explore a range of topics and ideas that will help you build, scale up and accelerate your remote company and team success. Get original insights, tips and tools that leaders of the worlds most successful remote companies are using today to succeed. For every podcast episode, we will include free resources that will help you along the way.

The Building Remotely Book

Want to move past discussions and into pure instruction? As we discuss ideas with remote founders and thought leaders, we will be collecting a comprehensive set of knowledge that acts as an instructional book. We will be releasing chapters along the way, so make sure you subscribe to our emails to be notified when they are made available on the website.


Building Remote is entirely free.

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#2 Alternative

About Mode Remote

Mode Remote is a side project by Oblik Studio that has 200+ categorized links to articles, books, tools, and more. In the Quick Start Guide, we have summarized the basics of productive remote work. Also, we asked inspiring professionals from various industries about the way they handle it. You can contribute too!

  • The Quick Start Guide

A few tips on how to start working remotely

  • Interviews

Inspiring people from various industries are sharing their experience, insights processes and tips about remote work

  • Resources

Collection of articles, tools, books, podcasts and more to help you with your remote working process


Mode Remote is absolutely free to use.

#4 Alternative

About Remote Work 2020

Remote Work 2020 is your guide to state of remote work and working remotely in 2020.

You can find the following insights and guides:

  • State of remote work basis survey of 331 remote workers
  • 7000+ word guide basis interactions with leaders of distributed teams & successful remote workers
  • 5 Podcasts & 13 stories


Remote Work 2020 is an absolutely free resource.

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