Automatic time tracking based on your rules and activities.

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Automatic time tracking based on your rules and activities.

Always remember where your time went

Timemator automatically captures everything you do on your Mac. You can go back to review what you were working on and with just a few clicks, assign the time to your projects.

Let Timemator start the timer for you

  • Create rules that will trigger the timer for your task.
  • Just start working the timer will start automatically

Traditional time keeping

In addition to Auto-tracking you can still use the traditional timer with the start / pause button, manually add timing sessions or edit existing ones.

Tasks and Folders

Organize your tracking time the way you want. Group by projects or clients, or both — it’s all up to you!

Every second counts

  • Tracking: See all your relevant tracked data at a glance in one place. With the new daily view, you can easily review and edit your recent sessions on the timeline just like in the Calendar app.
  • Daily Timeline: Timemator presents everything you've done on a timeline and groups it together for a better overview.
  • Weekly Timeline: Compare your tracked time on a beautiful chart. Sessions can be grouped by day or month.
  • Report: You can review every single tracking session, filter them by date or task, edit or add new ones.

Billable hours

Set your hourly rate for tasks and let Timemator calculate your revenue. In the end, you can just export a report and send it directly to your client.


1. Plan: Timemator for Mac

  • Price: $39
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 2 devices

2. Plan: Timemator for iOS

  • Price: $7.99
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 1

You can check further details for pricing on this link

Significance to remote workers

Timemator is a great citizen in our daily workflow. Once configured, it will track your working time in the background. You will always have an overview of tracked hours and earned revenue for every single day, week or month.


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