Timing automatically records your time, so you can focus on work and review it whenever you want.

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Timing automatically records your time, so you can focus on work and review it whenever you want.

Automate your time tracking.

Timing is designed from the ground up to help you save time through automation. Besides the automatic time tracking and smart suggestions, you can create rules by dragging to automate assignments. Over time, Timing will save you hours of manual categorization effort, not to mention all the time you’d normally spend starting and stopping manual timers.

Save time with smart suggestions.

Simply assign your time via drag and drop, then use the timeline's smart suggestions to combine blocks of time that belong together. You have never accounted for so much time with so few clicks!

Know how much time you spent on any device, including iPhone and iPad.

Timing can import your mobile app usage from Screen Time, giving you a comprehensive overview of all your work, regardless of which device you used. Timing is the only third-party solution for viewing Screen Time data in this way.

Never forget to record time for a meeting again.

Timing automagically asks you to enter time right after each video or voice call. Timing is the only time-tracking software with innovative features like this! Supports all popular call apps, including: Zoom time tracking, Microsoft Teams time tracking, Slack time tracking, Google Meet time tracking.

Never worry about inaccurate timesheets again.

Timing automatically tracks your work, so you can reproduce exactly what you worked on at any given time. This means that Timing produces timesheets you can trust, even when you forget to start a timer.

Privacy-friendly time tracking for teams.

Your team members can report time towards shared projects; you view their reports in the Timing web app. Team admins only see aggregate times associated with team projects. No personal times or private details are shared.

A comprehensive overview of all your time.

Work doesn't just happen in front of your computer. That's why Timing automatically detects time spent in meetings and shows your calendar events right in the timeline. This is also great for comparing how you planned your schedule vs. what you actually did.

Track time from anywhere.

Start and stop timers from your phone using our web app, or retroactively assign times imported from Screen Time back when you are on your Mac. And if you need to integrate your Timing data with other services, our Web API and Zapier integration have you covered.


1. Plan: Professional

  • Price: $10
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Usable on 1 Mac per user

2. Plan: Expert

  • Price: $13/ user
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Usable on 3 Macs per user

3. Plan: Connect

  • Price: $18/user
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Usable on 4 Macs per user

*Save 20% on Annual Plans *Comes with 30 days free trial.

You can check further details for pricing on this link

Significance to remote workers

Record time faster than ever with just a few clicks. See when you worked on what and how productive you were.


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