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Timy Alternatives

About Timy

Timy helps you send scheduled messages in Slack.

What are the top Timy Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best Timy alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About RosterElf

RosterElf is a magically simple, cloud-based rostering software allowing your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

1- Save Up To 8 Hours a Week

  • Save time with updated staff availability, simple roster building, communication updates instantly, approving time-sheets and entering payroll data.

2- Save 4% on Labour

  • Set financial business targets, view labor costs in real-time and approve staff hours by reducing time theft through a digital clock in and out.

3- Employee Accountability

  • Using the staff roster app, employees are responsible for keeping their availability up to date and are always aware of rostered shifts through clear staff communication.

4- Reduce Time Theft

  • Stick to your business budget and save money by reducing theft by tracking attendance and using our digital clock in/out.

5- Roster By Skillset

  • RosterElf’s unique ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm will ensure that the most qualified and available employees are rostered for each shift and shift swaps.

6- Award Interpretation

  • With payroll software integration and automatically calculated award interpretation, you can ensure you are staying Fair Work compliant no matter the changes in your roster.


1. Plan - RosterElf Lite

  • Price: 3.20 AUD+GST/employee
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Minimum 7-8
  • The perfect solution for business owners and managers just looking for a rostering tool to replace their current rostering template.

2. Plan- RosterElf Pro

  • Price: 4.00 AUD +GST/employee
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Minimum 6-7
  • The complete workforce management solution. RosterElf Pro offers everything the Basic plan includes, plus key features to help streamline your business.

3. Plan- RosterElf Enterprise

  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: Custom
  • User(s): Custom
  • Our Enterprise plan is designed for larger businesses with more than 250 employees and includes custom configuration and white label options.

*All plans when billed annually

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#2 Alternative

About SavvyCal

SavvyCal is a beautiful, interactive interface that allows the scheduler to overlay their calendar.

1- Calendar overlay

  • No need to switch back and forth between screens any more.

2- Prefill recipient info

  • Save the scheduler time by prefilling their info.

3- Ranked availability

  • Present your preferred availability instead of just all your availability.

4- Limit scheduling frequency

  • Cap meetings per day, week, and month.

5- Per-link calendar settings

  • Route different links to different calendars.

6- Multiple durations

  • Offer several options on one scheduling link.

7- Time zone scheduling

  • We'll update your time zone for you when you travel.

8- Delegate account access

  • Allow your assistant to manage your account for you.

9- Single-use links

  • Automatically archive a link after someone uses it.


1. Plan - FREE

  • Price: $0
  • **Duration:**Forever
  • User(s): 1
  • Spin up free meeting polls and overlay your calendars on other people’s scheduling links

2. Plan- Basic

  • Price: $12
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1
  • Create your own individual and team scheduling links (in addition to free meeting polls).

**3. Plan- Premium **

  • Price: $20
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1
  • Remove SavvyCal branding from your links, collect payments via Stripe, and delegate access to your assistant.

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#3 Alternative

About Undock

Undock gives you the power to schedule in email, set clear calendar preferences, create custom scheduling pages, and instantly schedule on mobile.


  • Schedule in Slack, Twitter, Linkedin and any app on your phone. Undock remembers the times you propose across all platforms you so you never double book.


  • Take control of your calendar by setting preferred meeting times, daily limits & rules. Undock’s suggestions for meeting times work around your schedule.


  • Connect multiple calendars and create an unlimited number of schedules with different availability. Whether it’s work or personal, Undock manages your calendars seamlessly.


  • Tired of sending emails asking “when can you meet?” or “when are you free this week?” We were. Undock Scheduling allows you to instantly schedule meetings without leaving your inbox.


  • Guard your time by setting clear calendar boundaries. Customize external availability based on your time preferences and scheduling behavior.


  • Create custom scheduling pages that make it easy for guests to book meetings. Stay available for connections and opportunities while remaining in control of your time.


  • It's difficult to manage your time when your calendar tools are scattered across different platforms and applications. We built Undock to be a complete scheduling platform—built-in video conferencing, agenda-setting and notetaking.


  • Use the built-in Agenda to remove all meeting preparation headaches. Lead more effective meetings and set clear objections so everyone's time is well spent.


1. Plan - FREE

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • Ideal for light personal and business use
  • Connect 4 Calendars
  • 6 Scheduling Pages
  • Create 10 Plans

2. Plan- Premium

  • Price: $10/month
  • Duration: Monthly
  • Unlimited Calendars
  • Unlimited Scheduling Pages
  • Take command of your calendar

3. Plan- Unlimited

  • Price: $20/month
  • Duration: Monthly
  • Unlock the most powerful calendar in the galaxy

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#4 Alternative

About Woven

Woven is the most powerful calendaring technology outside of Microsoft and Google.

Woven uses AI and a rich calendar graph engine to create “weaves”, or plans for how the user wants to spend her time.

Weaves connect people collaboratively around an event, bringing together any set of information like emails, maps and more, adding enriched capabilities to existing calendaring systems like G-Suite and soon Office365.

Woven team is joining Slack!


Its absolutely free to use.

#5 Alternative

About neatCal

neatCal is a simple calendar tool with a fantastic user interface. It has the ability to provide various classes, one time, recurring, long term course Integration with various app Excellent Support.

For All Meeting Types

  • Great for one-on-one appointments, classes, courses, rentals and more.

Smart Booking Widget

  • Define your booking steps and build your own booking experience.

Multiple Locations

  • Create multiple locations, set availability, assign your staff to specific locations, get location reports.

Powerful Calendar

  • Manage your bookings, resources and staff in our powerful Calendar and Timeline.


  • Sync your calendars with other platforms and devices.

Time Zone Support

  • Automatically detect your customers Time Zones and ensure everyone sees the right times.

Customizable Booking Forms

  • Get the information your business needs right when your clients book.

International Platform

  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish languages, custom currency, time format, date format, etc.

Customer Management

  • View customer appointments, import customers from a Outlook csv file or Google Contacts, send Email&SMS to your selected customers, manage customer notes, invoices, files and payments.

Pooled Availability

  • Customers pick a time and an available team member is automatically assigned to them.

Round Robin

  • Distribute appointments evenly across your team.

Individual Scheduling Pages

  • Each team member has their own booking pages.

Team Scheduling Pages

  • Display your entire team's availability on one page.

.....and many more


1. Plan - FREE

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): 1
  • Locations - 1
  • Event types - 1

2. Plan- BASIC

  • Price: $60
  • Duration: 1 year
  • User(s): Up to 100
  • Event types - Unlimited
  • Locations - 3

3. Plan- PREMIUM

  • Price: $100
  • Duration: 1 year
  • User(s): Up to 100
  • Event types - Unlimited
  • Locations - 20

4. Plan- Enterprise

  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: Custom
  • User(s): Unlimited
  • Event types - Unlimited
  • Locations - Unlimited

You can check further details for pricing on this link

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