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Trabajo en Remoto supports teleworking and remote work as a way of life.

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Trabajo en Remoto supports teleworking and remote work as a way of life.

Remote Work Envelope We spend most of the time working. It is important to have the possibility of working in a distributed way if that is what we want. We help to make visible the organizations that are committed to teleworking and remote work as part of their culture. We think there is talent in many places. Very good people anywhere in the world. Help us share this website where remote work and teleworking offers are published and we write articles about remote work .

Remote Work Spain The current demand for some profiles such as programmers means that by publishing remote job offers for Spain, people from other countries can apply. We encourage companies to look elsewhere for talent beyond the big tech cities. Not everything is Linkedin and Indeed to search for a job. There are many companies looking for remote talent in Spain, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela far from these platforms. Within Spain, for example, there are places like Madrid and Barcelona that need more people than the market offers, so they are beginning to publish some positions that are full remote, remote friendly or that the companies themselves are opting for remote first even though their headquarters You are in one of these cities. For example teleworking in Madrid. It starts with one or two days of teleworking, but ideally it could be proposed that there be more days of teleworking until the workday is complete. At the level of working life, remote or teleworking should not affect anything. We like to see that there are companies that post offers to establish long-term relationships.

If you are a company looking for remote profiles If you are a remote friendly company or perhaps you have already taken the step to remote first as your first hiring option, keep reading. When you post a remote job, it starts a distribution process to everyone who has subscribed to job alerts. The moment you publish it, the dissemination begins through different channels such as twitter, Linkedin, Telegram and by email. We also use markup in our offers so that they are indexed in Google with all the attributes of the offer. This causes you to start receiving many views quickly.


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