Troop Messenger Alternatives

About Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a slack alternative that brings all your communication at one place.

What are the top Troop Messenger Alternatives?

Check out this list of the best Troop Messenger alternatives. Compare the top features, pricing, pros & cons and user ratings to suit your needs.

#1 Alternative

About Slack Scheduler

Schedule your Slack messages. Communicate with confidence - advanced message scheduling features for Slack teams.

Quickly schedule messages

  • Use /schedule in Slack to quickly schedule messages to be sent in the future.

Set up recurring announcements

  • Make regular announcements to your Slack team using recurring messages in Slack. The Advanced Scheduler lets you quickly set up a message to be sent repeatedly every day, weekday, or specific day up to 120 days in the future.

Send messages to multiple channels

  • Using Slack Scheduler, you can send a message to up to 50 channels or users at once!

Your messages are secure and personal

  • When your scheduled messages are sent, they'll always be sent from your own profile. No one will know that you've scheduled your message.

Easily list and delete your scheduled messages

  • Easily manage your scheduled messages using simple commands such as /schedule list and /schedule delete last

Easily manage your messages in the native Slack dashboard

  • Use our built in dashboard to see all your messages in Slack.


A 14-day free trial is available post which you can upgrade to:

1. Plan - Personal

  • Price: $9.90
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Share with upto 10 people
  • For personal use and small workspaces.

2. Plan- Team

  • Price: $18.33
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Unlimited people in your workspace can schedule unlimited messages.

*All prices when billed annually

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#2 Alternative

About Softros LAN messenger

Softros LAN Messenger is an easy-to-use LAN messaging application for safe, secure and effective intra-office communication.

Security, Safety and Privacy

  • The Softros LAN chat software encrypts all data with AES-256 and works strictly within your company network. This allows your employees to safely exchange messages and files, while discouraging them from chatting with people outside the organization. It also saves your Internet bandwidth and minimizes the number of opened firewall ports that could result in outside hacker attacks and IM worms.

Ease of Installation and Use

  • The instant messenger from Softros has a very intuitive interface and requires no additional training. All you need to do is install and run it on each network computer. Users themselves can easily configure the program without requesting assistance from the IT staff.

Remote Desktop Sharing

  • Request remote assistance using LAN Messenger, and the colleague on the other end will securely connect to your desktop to help you configure Windows, install an application, or resolve a technical issue. Desktop sharing functionality is based on Microsoft's Remote Assistance technology.

Message History

  • Keep track of your messages by saving them locally or to a network share. View, search through and print out your correspondence with other employees using the built-in History Viewer.

Terminal Services Support

  • Full support of Microsoft and Citrix Terminal Services environments (including the RemoteApp and XenApp application virtualization technologies).

...... and many more


1. Plan - Per-User Licenses

  • Price: INR 1286.80
  • Duration: 1 year
  • User(s): 1
  • 1 license with 1-year maintenance

2. Plan- Corporate License Kits

**Site License **

  • Price: INR 85642.50
  • Duration: 1 year
  • User(s): 300

Worldwide License

  • **Price:**INR 236700.35
  • Duration: 1 year
  • User(s): 2000

You can check further details for pricing on this link

#3 Alternative

About Stork

Stork is a collaboration workspace for hybrid and remote human teams working asynchronously aided by artificial professionals.


Recordings of your calls and meetings

Watercoolers & Voice Calls

Take better notes without taking notes - automatically. Voice Calls in Stork are recorded and transcribed. Any public Voice Call can become a Watercooler for the Team.

Voice Notes

Everyone can take a break from being on camera! Asynchronous audio messages allow teams that cut across organizational boundaries work better together, making the future of work simpler, more pleasant and productive.

Video Messaging for Modern Work

Exchange Video Notes with your team in a direct chat or a channel. Drive your point home faster. Additionally, use our Screen Recorder if needed with your Video Message to create a presentation and say it with Video. Use Stork video messaging and screen recording in tandem for chores such as internal documentation, meeting reduction, announcements and explanations (explaining something fairly complex that requires screen snapshot or records).

Rich Presence Channels

Private & Public Channels is where the collaboration takes place. Stork visualizes the presence of your teammates in channels and goes way beyond simple "online" or "away" statuses.

Free online screen recorder

Stork records your screen including audio & video comments. Generate internal and external marketing content: product explainers, customer stories, videos for blogs and articles. Record meetings not just in Stork but in Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Discord, etc.


Stork is free for educators and non-profits.

1. Plan - Basic & Powerful

  • Price: $0
  • Duration: Forever
  • User(s): Upto 50
  • Includes all video and voice conference recordings and related transcriptions. Unlimited Message History.
  • 50 GB storage per team member

2. Plan- Business Pro

  • Price: $2.99/ user
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 50+
  • Ability to add Artificial Intelligence agents to your workspace.
  • 100GB storage per team member

3. Plan- Enterprise

  • Price: Custom
  • Duration: Custom
  • User(s): Custom
  • For very large businesses and highly regulated industries. Everything from Business Pro plus more custom features.
  • 300GB storage per team member

You can check further details for pricing at this link

#4 Alternative

About TeamSpeak

An out-of-this-world VoIP solution. TeamSpeak supplies mission-critical voice communication solutions to some of the world’s finest.


  • Get crystal-clear, lag-free communication with our integrated automatic microphone volume adjustment, background noise reduction and echo cancellation.


  • Designed with privacy in mind, we do not have access to your voice or text chat data, and there is no sign-up required.


  • Integrated Military-Grade Security as standard. With TS3, AES-based encryption can be enabled for the entire server, or even just specific channels.


  • Be in complete control with our powerful, best-in-market, hierarchical permission system. Decide who can talk, who can join channels and much more.


  • Be at the heart of the game with Positional Audio. Hear your team mates within a 360º soundscape, giving you the edge when executing your next game plan.


  • Be 100% confident of your privacy and security. TeamSpeak can be hosted from anywhere. Literally anywhere. You are not tied to our servers, and we do not harvest your data.


  • Issue commands while you're AFK. With our mobile TeamSpeak apps for Android and iOS, you’ll never be far from the action.


  • Keep your eyes on the action with the official TeamSpeak in-game overlay from Overwolf. Quickly access TeamSpeak voice controls, see who's talking, and receive notifications and messages where and when you need it most.


  • Make TeamSpeak your own and customize your client to meet your personal style with the included plugins, sound & icon packs, and themes. Choose from hundreds of add-ons created by the user community, or even create your own.


  • Scale up from small group conversations to large conferences with thousands of participants with our advanced Client-Server architecture.


  • Maximize your online collaborative experience. Easily store and share files with your community without having to mess with firewall issues.


  • Need to keep your conversation under the radar? With direct messaging or team text chat, you can get the message across without the noise.



  • 64 Slots - 1 Virtual Server - $55
  • 128 Slots - 2 Virtual Servers - $100
  • 256 Slots - 2 Virtual Servers - $175
  • 512 Slots- 2 Virtual Servers- $300
  • 1024 Slots- 2 Virtual Servers - $500

*All prices are annual renewal costs

You can check for further details on this website

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