Tyme helps with your time management by keeping your project times and work statistics synchronized on your Mac, iPhone,..

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Tyme helps with your time management by keeping your project times and work statistics synchronized on your Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Everything at a Glance

The interface is designed to provide an overview of your recorded times, projects, budgets and deadlines at any time. Unbooked times are automatically displayed. Running timers are always visible and can be started or stopped via shortcuts without opening Tyme. So you can work without being disturbed by time tracking.

Data Visualized

With the detailed statistics you have an overview of your personal workload or that of your team. Booked hours, current revenues, over- and under-times, your working hours or already planned times are displayed and breaks are recorded automatically.

Recorded Times in Your Calendar

Using the calendar integration, you can also view your recorded times as calendar entries and make changes from there.

Export & Import

You can export your recorded times as PDF, CSV or JSON. Customize the export view according to your wishes. Tyme offers you a CSV importer if you want to import data from other applications.


For tools like lexoffice, SevDesk or GrandTotal you can easily create invoices directly from Tyme. You can also import data from other applications or write your own plugins. Here you can find more information about our partners.

Tyme Reminds You

Did you forget to start the timer? Is there a deadline coming up? Is your daily working time reached? Have you been focusing too long and need a break? Have you forgotten to book times? Use Tyme's reminder features.

Clock In and Out Based On Your Location

Not in the mood to start a timer manually? Have your times recorded automatically by specifying where your workplace is.

Team Tyme – Admins & Members

When you work in a team, Tyme distinguishes between two different roles: Team Admins and Team Members. Team admins can assign projects and tasks to each member individually. It is possible to plan budgets and hourly rates. Members see all their relevant projects and tasks. If desired, a member can add their own subtasks to record their activity more precisely.

Workload overview

Team admins get a live overview of their teams booked hours and their remaining budget. They gain insight into the teams workload and working hours with detailed statistics. All team data can be exported as timesheets.

Run a Timer on Your Watch

Forgot to start a timer? Stuck in a meeting? Already on the run out of the office? You can easily start or stop a timer on your Watch while you’re in the middle of something completely different. Tyme additionally displays the start and stop reminders on your timepiece. Keep an eye on your daily hours using the Tyme complication.

Record Your Mileage Costs

Besides tracking hours and expenses, Tyme can also automatically record your business trips or mileage costs. Simply select "mileage tracking“ as the type of task.


Using the Siri Shortcuts you can start and stop timers, add notes to running timers or ask how much you have worked today.

.....and many more


$2.99 per user per month* Billed annually or $3.99 billed month-to-month

*Start with a 14-day free trial *Save 25% with an annual subscription

You can check further details for pricing on this link

Significance to remote workers

Use Tyme as a freelancer, self-employed person, entrepreneur or student. Create a team if you are working on a project in a group of freelancers or specialists. You can also create a team for an agency or a company. Because Tyme allows you to track time together on projects and tasks. As a team admin, you always have an overview of your project budget and your team's workload.


Time Tracking


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