Ziteboard is a lightweight whiteboard website which works on any device: laptops, tablets, mobile devices – optimized fo..

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About Ziteboard

Ziteboard is a lightweight whiteboard website which works on any device: laptops, tablets, mobile devices – optimized for both iPad's Safari and Google Chrome on laptops.

Anonymous whiteboard feature

  • Anonymous whiteboards don’t require your clients or students to register or login to Ziteboard. They just click the anonymous whiteboard link and join in the teamwork instantly. No more friction.

White Label Service

  • Do you need an online whiteboard tool embedded into your web page? We have a clean and transparent solution for setting up a white label service requiring only a few initial steps from your side. You focus on your business while we take care of technology.

Voice and video chat

  • You can start the integrated video and audio chat from the bottom left corner of the board.

PDF export

  • Unlimited space is great, but a sense of A4 pages is sometimes useful, especially if you want to save and print your online whiteboards as PDF.

Graph plotter add-on

  • Interactive graphing calculator. Type the expression of function to be plotted and synced in real time.

PDF import

  • Did you know that you can import pdf files now? Look for the the Insert Image menu, choose file, click upload, select the page to import and you are ready.

Sticky Notes

  • Create outstanding notes with the sticky post-it feature. Change color, text size, move or lock it, and edit later.

Customized Board for Events

  • Get a temporary whiteboard with pre-created guest users, customized with your logo and color-theme on a custom subdomain (e.g. YourEvent.ziteboard.com).

Navigation Boxes

  • For a professional presentation, it's necessary to able to navigate between different chapters on the canvas just by one click or key press. This is what navigation box offers. Triggering a navigation box moves the canvas to its destination position defined at creation. Make your whiteboard explorable with well-linking navigation boxes. This feature is perfect for presentations, complex contents, multi-level visualizations.

Board Text Chat

  • A simple text chat bound to boards. Discuss, share links if you must, but don’t forget to think visual. You can clear the conversation from the settings.

Smart Shapes & Shape tools

  • Ziteboard automatically recognizes your intentions when you draw and it will automatically convert perfect circles, impressive rectangles and straight lines.

Export to Illustrator

  • Exploit the power of vector graphics and export the online whiteboard into web-ready PNG or SVG files — perfect for Photoshop, Illustrator and other professional software without limitations. This way you can easily archive all your work to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Feature: Import images

  • Drag and drop any image to Ziteboard. Select, resize, move and rotate them like any other object. You can also use the Insert option in the Menu to browse for the file you want to insert on the whiteboard.

Confetti Button

  • Celebrate achievements with a spectacular pop! – Hold and release the avatar of your student from the bottom right corner and reward yourselves with a burst of confetti. Get this Pro feature and many more when signing up for any of the paid plans.


1. Plan - STARTER

  • Price: FREE
  • Duration: Free Forever
  • User(s): Not Disclosed


  • Price: $5 one time payment
  • Duration: Weekly
  • User(s): Not Disclosed


  • Price: $9 monthly subscription
  • Duration: Monthly
  • User(s): Not Disclosed


  • Price: $85 annual subscription
  • Duration: Annually
  • User(s): Not Disclosed


  • Price: Customized Plan
  • Duration: Lifetime
  • User(s): Not Disclosed

You can check further details for pricing at this link

Significance to remote workers

Ziteboard is a visual collaboration platform improving the work for most remote teams, developers, designers and making meetings, project planning and customer communication better.

Collaborate in real time, wherever you are around the world, bring your team together on the same whiteboard whatever device you use.

Design any workflow, wireframe or prototype, Ziteboard offers an infinite workplace for seeing the big picture.

Boost any meeting, brainstorm, presentation, tutoring or training session.


Remote Whiteboard


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