Best Job Posting Sites in Myanmar

A list of the best free and paid job posting sites in Myanmar to help you hire the best talent


Myanmar is one of the least developed in the region and is basically agricultural. The majority of local businesses in the nation work in the construction, oil and gas industry, social media, catering industry, tourism, sales, related jobs like customer service and communication, and renewable energy sectors.

Recent World Bank assessments have also shown that 80% of job opportunities in Myanmar are provided by SMEs or small and medium-sized businesses. IT technicians are expected to get various job opportunities in the country. The majority of income in Myanmar is generated from the agricultural industry; rice accounts for 97% of the total food production in Myanmar.

The hiring cost in Myanmar depends on the type of industry you expect to hire as various recruitment agencies provide both skilled and unskilled labor workforce.

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Indeed is the world's most popular job site, with over 250 million visitors per month from over 60 countries and available in 28 languages. surpassed to become the most popular job search website in the United States in October 2010. It provides both free and sponsored (paid) job postings.

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Visit Website has been a part of Ringier AG, a diversified media firm and a Swiss family-owned business, since September 2018. The website is bilingual (Burmese and English), and the majority of job postings are available in both languages. Employers can post jobs for a fee by scheduling a consultation. Many foreign companies use this job portal, which has a webpage in both English and Burmese.

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BestJob Myanmar

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BestJob Myanmar is the top job site in Myanmar for employers to post jobs. It provides employers with a variety of services, such as: posting open positions, searching resumes, providing a platform for hiring both permanent employees and temporary workers, branding, display advertising, and much more. It also provides a variety of career guidance, news, and information, all of which are intended to benefit you at any stage of your career.


Visit Website is a popular job search website in Myanmar. It is a hiring platform for sourcing, engaging, and recruiting top talent. It provides Executive Assessment Services, particularly for middle and upper management positions, allowing selection or promotion decisions to be based on valid, reliable, and objective data. On the go, you can search for over 5,000 jobs. Over 500 employers are currently hiring, with approximately 100 new jobs added daily.


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MyJobs Myanmar is a popular online job website for white-collar workers, and MyJobs Recruitment Agency offers executive search services, with over 200 placements in 2019. Both companies offer expert services that meet international standards. In addition, it provides GoodJobs Myanmar, a general labor job advertising service, to draw in candidates with less formal education for positions in blue-collar workplaces.

With more than 300 courses and 80 educational institutions, Courses Myanmar helps recent graduates and working adults find educational opportunities that will help them advance their careers. With 12,500 candidate contributions and 600+ unique positions, MyLaSar Myanmar additionally offers companies and HR experts in Myanmar a full 360-degree perspective of current compensation levels.


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The best place to hunt for full or part-time work in Myanmar is, whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional. With JobNet Myanmar, you can discover the best employment opportunities in the fields of finance or accounting, sales or business development, marketing or public relations and communications, human resources, hospitality, engineering, customer service, and administration. You can even find jobs in IT or computer science.

A yearly schedule of career conferences and educational seminars is hosted by JobNet, which additionally provides cutting-edge online recruitment tools to help the development of Myanmar's human capital business. Additionally, JobNet is the original sponsor of the annual Myanmar Employer Awards, which promote and honor excellence in human resource management.


Snaphunt provides employers with access to targeted talent across countries, regions, and time zones, along with cutting-edge tools and solutions for screening talent and managing their hiring process. Snaphunt also offers a career discovery platform that matches you, the talent, to global opportunities based on your experience, skills, and preferences. It also provides tools and resources to help you advance in your job search and meet your career objectives.


Available in 7 languages, with a presence in 30+ countries, Jora makes job searching easier globally. Jora is a new addition to the SEEK family, backed by the power of a global leader. Jora is collaborating with job boards all over the world to provide more opportunities for job seekers. Jora collects jobs directly from job sites such as SEEK, industry associations, and company websites, as opposed to traditional job boards.


Jooble is an international job search website used daily by millions of people in 69 countries, with 1 billion visits annually. In its years of existence, since 2006, the company has gone from a startup founded by two students to a global employment platform.


Google for Jobs

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Google for Jobs is a Google feature that compiles and presents job listings from throughout the internet. It helps job seekers locate related listings in Google search results directly. If you set up the underlying HTML of your job advertisements such that Google for Jobs can index them, you can publish a job on Google. If you cannot make the changes to your site, you can post your jobs on a job posting site that Google for Jobs already indexes.

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