Best Job Posting Sites in South Africa

A list of the best free and paid job posting sites in South Africa to help you hire the best talent


South Africa's economy is the second largest in Africa and the most industrialized, technologically advanced, and diverse on the continent. The largest portion of South Africa's GDP comes from the services sector. The South African economy shifted its attention from primary and secondary sectors to the tertiary sector.

After the global pandemic, South Africa's unemployment rate reached a record high of 30.8 percent, although it had been persistently high prior to the pandemic. The national minimum wage is set at an hourly rate of 20.76 South African Rands (ZAR).

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Indeed is the world's most popular job site, with over 250 million visitors per month from over 60 countries and available in 28 languages. surpassed to become the most popular job search website in the United States in October 2010. It provides both free and sponsored (paid) job postings.


The most popular professional networking website today is LinkedIn. You can connect with other professionals on LinkedIn and maintain contact with millions of users. LinkedIn is used solely for exchanging information, concepts, and job possibilities. It has now become a key resource for people looking to build their networks and obtain employment in their profession. Depending on the job location, a 30-day LinkedIn job posting can cost more or less.


BestJobs offers advanced tools to organizations to identify the best people for their vacancies and make recruitment procedures simple, as well as to jobseekers to locate new career prospects. BestJobs, along with CompuTrabajo and, is part of Red Arbor's job and recruitment network, which is present in 33 countries. BestJobs is presently accessible in Malaysia, The Philippines, Kenya, South Africa, and India.


Careerjet is a job search engine that helps users locate jobs on the internet. It sources over 40 million job ads from more than 70 thousand quality websites from all over the world. The network of Careerjet's job search engines spans over 90 countries and has distinct interfaces that are available in 28 different languages. Users can query this database using a quick and simple interface, saving themselves the hassle of visiting each site separately.

Users are always linked to the original job listing because Careerjet does not hold the actual job listings. Careerjet essentially serves as a traffic generator for those websites. Careerjet is still expanding through its three brands: Careerjet (worldwide), Opcionempleo (Spanish language markets), and Optioncarriere (French language markets).


Since 2005, Careers24, a specialized online recruiting portal, has advertised positions in South Africa as well as overseas career possibilities by South Africa's biggest companies. Recruiters can post job advertising and explore the CV database at Careers24.



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JobsinNetwork is a job board for English speakers looking for work in Europe as well as recruiters looking for English speakers. It was founded in 2007, and during the past ten years, it has continued to grow. It has three pricing models i.e., standard, premium, and featured ads.

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