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Best Axel competitors

Top Axel competitors include Abot, Achieved (Now dualoop) and AllyBot. Also find more competitors to Axel from the below list.

When to use Axel

We equip overwhelmed managers who manage face-to-face or remote teams. You can make every new arrival a success, without adding any tools. We help all local HR and Managers to save time and reduce their mental load thanks to our 2 100% integrated applications on instant messaging (Slack, Teams, Chat).

Competitor #3

Ally Bot believes that every team deserves to feel included at work. Promote inclusive language in Slack and help every team become better allies with AllyBot.

Competitor #4

Aniline is a technology and data analytics company focused on employee perception. Aniline is changing the way employee perception is measured by leveraging proprietary AI-based tools. Using publicly available data we create workforce profiles with a complete view of a company's workforce enabling unprecedented benchmarking capability. We provide dashboards on 70,000 companies covering 125,000,000 working people.

Our platform measures 9 categories of employee perception including Leadership, Integrity, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Workplace, Career, Work Life Balance, Benefits, Compensation and Hiring.

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