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Share your digital business card by displaying your QR code on a virtual background during Zoom*, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet calls.

What are the top HiHello Alternatives?

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#1 Alternative

About Google Maps

Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and find what you need by getting the latest information on businesses, and other important places.

Saving Locations:

  • You can save your favourite locations on Google Maps to easily find them later. Save maps for offline use. This is great for areas where you have poor or no internet connection.


  • Google Maps provides accurate directions for walking, biking, driving, or taking public transportation. Get step-by-step driving directions, as well as public transportation and walking directions.

Traffic Updates:

  • Google Maps includes live traffic updates, so you can avoid traffic jams and get to your destination faster. See real-time traffic conditions for your route and estimated travel times on the map.

Street View:

  • Google Street View provides a 360-degree view of streets worldwide. Street View is a feature of Google Maps that delivers panoramic views from many positions along various streets worldwide. It was launched in 2007 in several cities in the United States and has since expanded to more than 50 countries.

Indoor Maps:

  • Google Maps has introduced many new features lately. One of these is the Indoor Maps feature. This allows users to view indoor maps of locations.
  • This is especially useful for places like airports, malls, and stadiums where it can be difficult to find your way around.
  • The Indoor Maps feature is currently available in a limited number of locations, but Google is working on expanding it to more places. To use it, you first need to download the Google Maps app and then search for the location you want to view. Once you have found it, tap on the 3-D option.

Live Traffic Cams:

  • View live traffic cams to see what the traffic looks like before you head out. Google Maps Live Traffic Cameras are a feature that allows users to view current traffic conditions for certain areas.
  • The feature includes a map of the area with colour-coded lines indicating traffic speed at different points. Users can also view pictures from traffic cameras in the area. You can see a live view of the traffic and even check out the estimated arrival time for your destination. This feature is available in most countries and includes both highways and city streets.

Maps Gallery:

  • Maps Gallery is a feature on Google Maps that lets you view and share maps. Maps Gallery is a collection of maps that have been created by Google, users, and partners.
  • With Maps Gallery, you can create custom maps with markers, lines, and shapes. You can also add photos and videos to your maps. And, you can share your maps with others. Maps Gallery is a feature on Google Maps which allows users to view and share maps. It was launched in May 2017 as a way to make it easier for people to find and share maps. Users can browse maps by topic, location, or feature map and search for specific maps using keywords.

Location Sharing:

  • Share your location with others, or find friends and family on a map. Google Maps has a hidden feature that allows you to share your location with others in real-time. This can be useful if you’re meeting someone or if you need to give someone directions.
  • To share your location, open Google Maps and tap the blue dot that represents your location. In the menu that pops up, tap “Share your location.” You can then choose who you want to share your location with and how long you want to share it.

My Maps:

  • Create custom maps with markers using images and descriptions. My Maps is a feature on Google Maps that allows you to create custom maps. You can add locations, draw lines and shapes, and add text labels. My Maps is a great tool for creating travel itineraries, plotting points of interest, and more.


It's absolutely free to use.

#2 Alternative

About GovShop

AI and a Global Ecosystem to Connect Diverse & Emerging Suppliers With Government.

Search for Suppliers, Contracts and Code

  • Quickly search and filter comprehensive lists of suppliers, getting detailed digital capability statements matched to your government requirement.

Meet Emerging & Diverse Companies

  • Meet your Agency’s socio-economic goals by easily connecting with innovative small businesses from across markets.

Deep Market Expertise

  • Further your understanding of the supplier landscape and develop strategies to engage through access to experts and their research.

Post Open Opportunities

  • Access a diverse range of talented suppliers for your solicitations by sharing them directly on GovShop.

Brand Exposure and Relationship Building

  • Brand Exposure through our global platform that includes buyers and investors from over 250+ federal/state/local agencies, primes, accelerators, venture capital and more.

Al-Enabled Opportunity Matching Across Agencies

  • Al-Enabled opportunity matching that searches data from over 100+ sources such as traditional contracts, prize challenges, other transactions and more.

Market Intelligence

  • Market intelligence to help you focus your business development efforts on the right target clients for your products or services.

Team Workshop and Coaching

  • Growth resources and coaching, based on our proven GovMarket growth principles applied by market leaders.

Discover Emerging & Diverse Suppliers

  • If you’re tired of searching hundreds of sites and piecemealing information, access data curated and processed through our AI from thousands of sources.

Generate leads & track opportunities

  • Tired of not finding the right leads early enough? Access our Brand Exposure programs and opportunity matching dashboard – to build a growing pipeline of qualified leads.

Access the market

  • Join our ecosystem of buyers and suppliers to learn the market and build meaningful relationships.


For the pricing details, you'll have to request for the access for the available plans.

For more information, you can click at this link

#3 Alternative

About Greenvelope

Make & Send Your Online Invitation In Minutes. Easy, Real-Time RSVP Tracking.


  • Select a design curated from our community of indie designers, then update font, color, photos, layout, and more to make it your own.

Importing Guest List

  • Easily import contacts from a spreadsheet, directly from your email, or by using your Greenvelope address book.


  • Stay connected with your guests through easy-to-use messaging that is perfect for last-minute updates and check-ins.

Address Validation

  • Prior to being sent, each email address will be automatically verified to ensure optimal delivery and minimize bouncebacks.

Track RSVPs

  • View ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ responses, open rates, and survey responses in real-time. RSVP collection has never been so easy.

Survey Questions

  • “Chicken or fish?” “Do you have a song request?” You can easily collect all the information you want—no matter the question.

Daily Updates

  • Opt to receive emails with the updates that are most important to you, from RSVP notifications to daily open rate summaries.


  • Schedule and send reminders to subsets of your guest list to alert them of an upcoming RSVP deadline or event date.


Pricing plans of this tool varies accordingly depending upon the number of Individuals.


  • Price: Starts at ₹379
  • User(s): For 20 people


  • Price: Starts at ₹2492/year
  • User(s): For 50 people

For more information you can click on the following link

#4 Alternative
HDD Fan Control
Premium Offering
Free trial
Simple Solution

About HDD Fan Control

HDD Fan Control controls the fan speed in relation to the drive's temperature, slows the fan down preventing the loud noise and keeps your drive safe from overheating.

Controls the Hard Drive Fan Speed Directly

  • Unlike other Fan Control Software which can only increase the fan speed. HDD Fan Control directly controls the speed of the HDD Fan slowing it down when the drive is cool, and speeding it up to protect the drive from overheating when hot.

Sets fan speed for Hard Drive Temperature

  • Runs the fan at a speed appropriate for the HDD or SSD's actual temperature. Provides the correct cooling for your drive, preventing overheating and early failure whilst also keeping the fan quiet when cooling is not needed.

Obtains Temperature using S.M.A.R.T

  • HDD Fan Control uses the S.M.A.R.T protocol built into every Hard Disk Drive and SSD to obtain the drives internal temperature without the need for Apple's Temperature Sensor or HDD Firmware. This allows you to use any HDD or SSD in your iMac

Runs at Startup

  • Runs as a system process at startup, working even before or if a user has not logged in, and continuing to work until the iMac is shut down; totally independent of user login.

Works with any HDD or SSD

  • HDD Fan Control allows you to install any HDD or SSD into your iMac, or install additional drives, and not have the loud noise from the iMac caused by the HDD Fan. Have confidence in knowing that the cooling has been setup for the new drive's specifications.

Can work without S.M.A.R.T

  • Some SSD manufacturers have not implemented correct temperature readings over S.M.A.R.T for their SSD's.
  • HDD Fan Control will still work with these SSD's by calculating the approximate temperature of the drive from the other internal sensors.
  • It can also be setup to not use S.M.A.R.T for any drive if this is preferred.

Used by Apple Repair Centers and Technicians

  • HDD Fan Control is used by Apple repair technicians all over the world and has proved itself as a great solution to the fan problem.
  • If you are a technician looking for volume licensing please check our Volume Licensing, or for more custom requirements please contact us.

Custom Temperature to Fan Speed curve

  • Ability to define a custom relationship between Drive Temperature and Fan Speed for your drive's specific cooling needs and your fan noise preferences.

Free Automatic Updates

  • We are constantly improving and testing the temperature control algorithm with new Hard Disks and SSD's to make sure we provide the best fan control possible, as such you get free Automatic updates of HDD Fan Control.

Status Bar Monitor

  • HDD Fan Control comes with a small Application called HDD Fan Control Monitor. This lives in the Status Bar and displays the drive's current Temperature and the Fan Speed.

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