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IdeaPod Competitors

Top IdeaPod competitors list - Productivity | Remote Tools

Find the best competitors to IdeaPod. Check out the product information and reviews for IdeaPod competitors and pick the best tool for your needs.

Best IdeaPod competitors

Top IdeaPod competitors include DirectSuggest. Also find more competitors to IdeaPod from the below list.

When to use IdeaPod

IdeaPod helps in keeping all ideas stocked at one place automatically sorted by team votes. Delight your users by showing them your public roadmap and keep your team updated.

Competitor #1

DirectSuggest is an employee suggestion box app that HR Tech News has called the next Slack and recently won Tech Breakthrough's Best Overall Design Collaboration Solution Award.

Employee feedback is an important part of creating a high-performance company and culture. At DirectSuggest we have streamlined the process so your employees can be heard and your company can leverage their collective knowledge.

DirectSuggest makes it simple for employees to make suggestions on any device with the assurance they automatically arrive to the proper decision-maker. Every employee can also collaborate on suggestions to enhance the quality of the idea.

We provide value to organizations in various industries worldwide including Comcast and TD Bank. DirectSuggest has incredibly high ROI/Savings potential with an average 33X return on investment.

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