Leapmax houses feature sets that can ensure the productivity, security and efficient management of a remote workforce fr..

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Leapmax houses feature sets that can ensure the productivity, security and efficient management of a remote workforce from one integrated platform.

Block Key Combination

Once logged in under Leapmax, the user’s system moves to a more customized mode. Options like print screen, or cut and copy amongst other key combinations are blocked.

Website Whitelisting

This feature allows a user only to access the authorized or whitelisted websites, while logged into Leapmax and ceases every possibility of data leakage in remote working conditions.

VDI Integration

VDI ensures easy remote access for your employees in a secure way with its cloud based data storage feature.

Customized Key Combinations

Admin or supervisors can create and block key combinations they think their teams do not require, for tighter data security.

Integrated Live Chat Tool

Leapmax comes with a built in live chat platform that allows remote team to collaborate easily, without any additional sign ups to initiate a chat.

Controlled inter-team & intra team communication

Channels and chats are only authorized as per user role within Leapmax, with clear allowances for whom an agent can connect with using the messaging tool.

Encrypted Video Conferencing

Communicate with your remote team via video meetings, to hold daily stand-ups and briefings. Record your sessions, and get alerts in case of poor connectivity all in one go.

Instant Info Distribution

It’s super easy to cascade a team-based broadcast message or notification using Leapmax’s broadcast feature for collaboration with your remote teams.

Real Time Activity Status

Check out every online or active user’s live working status (idle/working) to enhance overall employee productivity.

Battery Status

By surveilling every active user’s system battery status in regular intervals, supervisor eliminates chances of disruption in workflow from any employee due to battery discharge.

Admin barge-in

Intervene on a difficult customer interaction, or assist new hires during on-the-job training with this feature to improve operational productivity.

Operational analytics

From user status to historical data analysis of user performance and operational efficiency; Leapmax records and reports all information to comprehensive logs.

Publish reports with single page viewing dashboard

From business performance to workforce productivity analysis; Leapmax allows for publishing reports with a single page dashboard for holistic view of operations.

Agent-specific reports

Leapmax makes it easier to single out agent performance and operating system’s productivity all in one go.

Access to business intelligence

Get bite-sized business intel for understanding user productivity, narrow down inefficient operational areas and a bird-eye view over top performing users and teams.

User Status

Monitor every user’s online and away status or more precisely during the working hours to rule out user inefficiencies.

Regular Screen Capture

A user’s screen can be captured and images stored at regular intervals with Leapmax, helping to get an insight into an employee’s engagement at work and where most of their active time is spent.

User Image Records

The platform allows user images to be captured from system webcams to look out for imposters, and even to monitor user behavior during work hours.

Historic Records

Screenshots and user images captured are stored within the platform. These can be analyzed to optimize workforce behavior for future and even be used as evidence to identify any unusual user behavior.

Application Track Leapmax is capable of keeping a tab on every activity or application that a user is making use of during working hours.

Remote Barge-in

The live barge-in feature allows a supervisor to snoop into an executive’s system to capture any malpractice or data leakages during work hours.

Web Usage & Tracking

Monitor all online activity and Internet usage of active users accurately with Leapmax.

Examine Network/VPN Health

Every user can scrutinize both organization’s VPN network health and personal Internet connection’s speed simultaneously, before logging into work.

DIY configuration

Leapmax comes with a simplified DIY configuration of desktop screens for bandwidth optimization that makes easy for every non-technical user to operate.

Integrated LMS and virtual classroom training platform

Leapmax comes with unified Learning Management Software (LMS) and virtual classroom platform that makes your remote training program productive and efficient.

Unified Knowledge Management Tool

Leapmax is integrated with a state-of-the-art Knowledge Management platform, which ensures your L&D programs to be worthwhile for your remote working team.

Virtual classrooms

With encrypted video conferencing within the platform, ensure real-time training for new joiners, on the go. Leapmax brings real classrooms to you with the ‘hand-up’ feature for trainees.


You can book a demo with Leapmax to learn more about pricing.

Significance to remote workers

Employee performance behavior decides the overall productivity of an organization. When operational efficiency matters - Leapmax can be your perfect fit for creating compliant, productive, and flexible workspaces.

Manage your hybrid workforces

  • Micro-segmented analytics to measure productivity
  • Convenient collaboration among hybrid teams
  • Application usage and activity tracking


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