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Find the best competitors to Marvel. Check out the product information and reviews for Marvel competitors and pick the best tool for your needs.

Best Marvel competitors

Top Marvel competitors include Axure, Balsamiq and Baseline. Also find more competitors to Marvel from the below list.

When to use Marvel

Placing the power of design in everyone’s hands. Instantly generate design specs and connect integrations that power up your workflow. From low to high-fidelity, Marvel supports you every step of the way. Wireframe, design and prototype fast with our intuitive design and prototyping tools.

Competitor #1

Our tool can do math. You can have dynamic content and conditional logic. You can move content between pages and can do animations and transitions almost like everybody else.

Competitor #2

Balsamiq is a rapid wireframing software that enables lean teams to collaborate, make mockups, control versions, and run user tests.

Competitor #3

Baseline lets anyone quickly download brand logos, fonts, and create on-brand visuals on their own.

Competitor #4

Figma connects everyone in the design process so teams can deliver better products, faster.

Competitor #5

Framer is designing tool that lets you create web pages with text, links, media, and animations without any code.

Competitor #6

Gleek is a text-to-diagram tool that turns descriptions (in its own unique syntax) into diagrams.

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