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Open Loyalty is world’s most flexible loyalty engine for creating customized loyalty and gamification solutions at any t..

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Open Loyalty is world’s most flexible loyalty engine for creating customized loyalty and gamification solutions at any touchpoint, fast and at scale.

API-first loyalty program software that allows engaging customers with a fully personalized loyalty program

Open Loyalty API is flexible and modular, so you can choose the building blocks and mechanics to create an engagement or loyalty program you need.

Build dedicated customer loyalty program in weeks, not months

Start right away using blocks in the Open Loyalty marketing platform and build on top of them without hassle. Add new touchpoints, systems, and features to streamline unlimited amounts of data. Use components from our loyalty accelerator and ship your project faster.

Create a customer loyalty experience of any type, without limitations

Our headless architecture lets you concentrate on consistent customer experience across all touchpoints. Place your resources where your clients operate - in any of your front-end applications such as eCommerce, POS system or mobile app.

Introduce the loyalty system capabilities to your existing stack with well-designed responsibilities

Open Loyalty has a headless, event-driven core that makes it easy to integrate with your existing ecosystem. This is thanks to the robust API, webhooks, and access to queues. Use two-way communication between various systems to enable engagement and interactions.

Forget about painful upgrades, and always use the most up-to-date loyalty program software

Thanks to headless, microservices-ready architecture, you don’t have to worry about troublesome updates or migrations every year. Stay one step ahead of the market by always using the newest loyalty technology. We built Open Loyalty in association with top loyalty professionals and rewards program experts.

When is a headless loyalty platform a good fit?

A headless loyalty platform is a perfect fit when you have a complex infrastructure of multiple systems and touchpoints that have to be connected together. It’s also great if you plan to implement a personalized loyalty program on a massive scale and want to maximize the usage of existing systems.

Meet clients who use our customer loyalty management software

Open Loyalty is used by companies from various industries across the globe. Thanks to the modularity of the platform, brands combine various loyalty mechanics to implement loyalty programs of any shape much faster and without losing business agility.

Open Loyalty software fits loyalty programs of any size and shape

Our platform works like a framework for building a custom system. It fits every case where there’s a need for a loyalty engine for a dedicated loyalty program


There are to types of plans for which you can request a demo.

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Significance to remote workers

Open Loyalty is the right way to implement a customer loyalty solution without losing business agility.


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