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Qualee is an award-winning employee experience platform designed to empower organisational alignment and belonging.

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About Qualee Technology

Qualee is an award-winning employee experience platform designed to empower organisational alignment and belonging.

Making room mixups and missed time changes a thing of the past.

Arranging employee schedules can be challenging at times. We give you the the ability to place all of your organisation's important events in into each of your employee’s schedules via a centralised calendar that’s easily and instantly accessible in the Qualee app. Misunderstandings or miscommunications can be reduced by providing employee with access to the same information, distributed from inside the Qualee Console.

Real-Time Messaging built for clear communication and clarification.

We provide encrypted, instant messaging between your employees and key staff, like HR coordinators. For sensitive matters, messages can even be sent anonymously by turning on the anonymous toggle – this is crucial for whistleblowing compliance requirements. Instant messaging is also more efficient and secure than sending personal emails. By giving employees a direct channel of communication, you’re making it easier for them to ask questions, boosting their confident around key aspects such as workplace expectations and group communications.

Unlimited eSignatures makes your #formlife drastically simpler.

With encrypted fingertip signing that ensures compliance and eliminates paperwork, employees can fingertip-sign documents and forms directly on their mobile phones via our eSignatures feature. That includes signing for onboarding documents, any completing forms that need a signature, as well as any documentation that comes up throughout an employee's tenure. Employees love it because they can sign documents and forms straight from their mobile device rather than having to print, scan and email, while HR teams benefit from having all of their signed documents and forms in one place. No more collecting them from email and having to upload them to a separate system.

Search multiple documents for specific keywords – all at once.

You know that piece of information that you’ve been looking for but you can’t remember where it’s kept? Our AI-powered search capability can automatically text extract, keyword analyse and elastic-search-enable PDFs that are uploaded to your Console Library. No more reading through a PDF document based on its title or searching through policies and procedures. Instead, your employees can use the app search bar with natural language to search things like ”what date is payroll processed?”, to find the answer and link to the source document.

In-app Quizzes built to maximise employee knowledge retention.

Quizzes are an engaging way to test understanding and maximise knowledge retention for employees, especially when used in combination with Micro-Learning modules. Keep quizzes bite-sized and fun using gamified progress and positive reinforcement and increase engagement levels for important, company-specific information.

Surveys that generate important feedback around events & more.

Create surveys that are simple to deploy, allowing for regular feedback through responses that can be collected in various formats: multiple-choice, star ratings and free text. Surveys can be released at any time – whether it's to pulse check the onboarding experience, gather reactions to a company event or assess ongoing employee engagement. By collecting feedback at specific points in time or to gauge continuous engagement, employees can communicate important feedback freely.

*Identify opportunities for improvement with quantified feedback that can help you make data-driven decisions moving forward.

AI-powered ID verification and image capture – all in one.

Verifying and storing an employees ID document is a compliance requirement in most countries. The Qualee App's powerful Artificial Intelligence can authenticate over 2,000 identity documents such as passports, driving licences, national IDs and work permits from over 240 countries worldwide. Employees can scan IDs, passports, certificates or any other documentation, which can then be auto-routed to appropriate departments or individuals, securely and instantly. Being able capturing a headshot and scanned ID documents straight from the app, rather than having to print, scan & emails, not only feels natural and intuitive – it adds huge convenience.


The pricing for the three plans varies depending on the size of the company. Following are the prices for small size company.

1. Plan: Qualee Engage

  • Price: $150
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Entire organisation

2. Plan: Qualee Suite

  • Price: $250
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): Entire organisation

3. Plan: Qualee Onboard

  • Price: $6
  • Duration: 1 month
  • User(s): 1

You can check further details for pricing on this link

Significance to remote workers

We make it simple for companies of all sizes to drive continuous engagement, gather actionable insights, and curate exciting journeys. Our A.I. enabled solution allows the creation of interactive workflows, automates compliance requirements, and measurably improves engagement.


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