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Sprint Boards is a modern SaaS platform for Agile developers, providing distributed teams with the tools they need to co..

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About Sprint Boards

Sprint Boards is a modern SaaS platform for Agile developers, providing distributed teams with the tools they need to coordinate, discuss and collaborate together.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • We've carefully considered the user experience to maximise your efficiency. We've created handy keyboard shortcuts for common tasks like adding, editing and saving cards.

Lock and Delete Boards

  • When you've finished your retro, you can lock the board to prevent your team from making further changes. Or you can just delete the board entirely.

Merge Duplicates

  • Occasionally, several members of your team may add separate cards referring to the same issue. When this happens, simply drag the duplicate over the original to merge them together.

Board History

  • View a list of all your previous retrospectives and manage your boards in one place. You can also restore deleted boards or permanently remove them directly from the board history page.

Share on Slack

  • When you're ready to begin your retro, inviting your team couldn't be simpler. Use the new Slack option from the Share menu on your board and we'll send a link to your team.

Export to Trello & Jira

  • After you've finished your retro, you can export your most important cards – like your Action Items – to a board on Trello, or a project on Jira, to keep track of the agreed actions for the next sprint.

Card Authorship

  • Require participants to login or create an account and we'll show the author of each card as they're posted. We can even prevent participants from deleting cards they didn't publish.

Team Management

  • Allow your team to review past retros with ease with the new team-wide Board History view. You can even assign team members as administrators so they can create and manage your boards.

Board Encryption

  • Benefit from secure and automatic encryption with no passwords to memorise. We encrypt all user boards using the AES-256-CBC cipher. Perfect for teams that need to discuss confidential work.

Card Masking

  • Prevent team members from influencing each other by masking each others' cards until the end of the retrospective. With this option enabled, you'll only see the content of your own cards.


Sprint Boards is free to use.

Significance to remote workers

Create an online retrospective sprint board in seconds and start collaborating with your team, no matter where they are.

Experience the power and flexibility of our modern digital tool to make your retrospectives effortless.


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