Upvoty turns user feedback into actionable product optimizations!

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Upvoty turns user feedback into actionable product optimizations!


  • Feedback boards: Collect user feedback.
  • Product roadmap: Share what's next.
  • Changelog: Share all your updates.


  • Custom domain: Boards and roadmap on your own domain!
  • Widgets: Embed seamlessly in your product.
  • User SSO: Sync your existing user accounts with Upvoty.

User sign-up

  • User SSO: Migrate user accounts from your application.
  • SSO redirect: Redirect users to your application's login.
  • SSO: Users can sign up via email or socials.
  • Without sign-up: Remove the friction of signing up.


  • Anonymously: If enabled, users won't have to sign up.
  • Private boards: Hide boards for internal usage.
  • Moderation: Approve posts and comments manually.
  • Hide usernames: Make user data private for the public.


  • Dark mode: Turn your feedback boards dark.
  • Custom statuses: Customize statuses by name and color.
  • Button styling: Pick a color and icon for your voting button.
  • Custom CSS: Add custom CSS code to style your portal.
  • Multiple Statuses: Add multiple columns to your roadmap.

Admin power

  • Update statuses: Update the status of requests.
  • Notify users: Automatically notify users when you ship.
  • Merge posts: Merge similar or duplicate posts.
  • Move posts: Move posts to other boards.
  • Internal comments: Make internal comments.
  • Assignments: Make teammembers accountable.
  • Vote on behalf: Easily add user votes to posts yourself.
  • Pin posts: Pin posts to the top of your board.


  • Tags: Add private or public posts.
  • Categories: Add posts to public categories.
  • Estimated Dates: Add dates to indicate the launch date.
  • Markdown: Easily add links, lists, and other styles.

User power

  • Feature voting: Users can upvote each other's feedback.
  • Subscribe: Users can subscribe to posts and get notified.
  • Comment hearts: Show the love for your favorite comments.
  • Markdown: Easily add links, lists, and other styles.


1. Plan - ⭐ POWER

  • Price: $15
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Users: 3 team members
  • 1 board, 150 tracked users*

2. Plan- 🌟 SUPER POWER

  • Price: $39
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Users: 10 team members
  • 5 boards, 1,500 tracked users*


  • Price: $75
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Users; Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited boards, unlimited tracked users

[You can check further details for pricing on this link] (

Significance to remote workers

Through Upvoty you can have all of your user feedback in one single place. Know what to build next and inform your customers when you ship!


Idea Management


Competitive pricing
Free trial
Simple UI

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