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For remote workers, remote work has already become the new normal even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work has been gaining popularity recently as technology has made it easier for people to work from anywhere. Many remote workers have been advocating for remote work in their work-from-home blogs, as they have experienced its many benefits.
  • Working from home provides more flexibility and autonomy regarding when and where people work.
  • It also eliminates the need for long commutes, which can improve work-life balance and reduce stress.
  • Remote work also allows people to work for companies located in other cities or countries, opening up new opportunities and increasing access to a broader range of job options.
While remote working can be challenging in terms of communication and collaboration, many remote workers have found ways to overcome these challenges through various tools and technologies. Remote workers also often have the opportunity to develop new skills, such as self-management and time management, which can benefit them personally and professionally.
The advantages of remote working have come to light through various remote work blogs published by experienced remote workers. Let's dive in to dig out the best work-from-home blogs.

1. AllRemote Blogs

With AllRemote blogs, you get to learn more than you expect. Our work-from-home blogs provide you with information and resources that are relevant to remote working, such as tips for staying productive while working from home, how to manage remote teams and tools for remote communication.
Tips to consider from blogs on work-from-home
AllRemote's remote work blogs can offer opportunities for professional development, such as articles on industry trends, job search strategies, and career advice.
AllRemote's case study section offers inspiration and motivation to keep going. It showcases success stories, advice, and tips from other remote workers who have found success in their careers.
Our categorization includes
  1. Remote workers
  1. Remote companies
  1. Talent success stories (Case study on remote workers)
  1. Customer success stories (Case study on remote companies)
  1. Other resources
Our top work-from-home blogs
Our work-from-home blogs provide a wide range of tips and best practices for remote workers, including advice on time management, communication, productivity, and work-life balance.
Our rating: Excellent
Growing and writing on developments that have or will affect remote workers, AllRemote provides such excellent and comprehensive work-from-home blogs that you do not want to miss out on.

2. Remote.co Blog

Remote.co is a website that offers resources and advice for remote workers and remote teams. Their blog covers virtual collaboration, productivity, and remote team management. They provide resources, advice, and job opportunities for remote workers and companies. The Remote.co blog is an excellent source of information and insights for remote workers, managers, and entrepreneurs. Their remote work blogs are categorized under the categories:
  • Why go remote
  • Build a remote team
  • Remote management
  • Work remotely
Tips to consider from blogs on work-from-home
Their blogs cover topics related to remote team management, including how to build and maintain a remote team culture, how to motivate and engage remote employees, and how to manage remote performance. The blog also covers the lifestyle aspects of remote work, including tips for staying healthy, managing stress, and maintaining work-life balance.
Our top work-from-home blogs
Our rating: Excellent
The target audience for each blog is determined based on who will get the most from reading it. This bifurcation makes it easy for the audience to navigate through blogs according to their interest and need.

3. FlexJobs Blog

FlexJobs is a job search website for remote and flexible jobs. Its blog covers a wide range of topics related to remote work, including job searching, productivity, and remote team management. This platform's content is fantastic to read and offers a wealth of job advice. The FlexJobs website also features a blog with articles on various topics related to remote work, flexible schedules, and work-life balance.
Tips to consider from blogs on work-from-home
Their blog provides practical advice and tips for remote workers, such as how to set up a home office, stay productive while working from home, and avoid common remote work pitfalls. The blog also covers flexible work arrangements, such as part-time work, job sharing, and compressed work weeks. Their blogs are divided into categories
  • Articles on finding jobs
  • Flexible work options
  • Flex benefits
  • Jobs & Companies
  • Flex workers
  • Job news
  • FlexJobs resources
Our top work-from-home blogs
Our rating: Excellent
The FlexJobs blog provides a wealth of information and insights for anyone interested in remote work, flexible schedules, and work-life balance. Whether you are a job seeker, a remote worker, or a manager, the FlexJobs blog has something to offer.

4. Weworkremotely

To assist you in landing your ideal remote job, We Work Remotely, or WWR, has compiled a list of free tools and remote work blogs. It includes articles, directories of remote businesses, bulletins, and a forum for the remote work community. One of the intriguing aspects of this platform that we loved is that it provides a learning portal with free tools, resources, and instruction to help you reach your work-from-home goals. Additionally, it holds remote-focused events that support users in developing their abilities and learning from subject-matter authorities.
Some of the segments their blogs are categorized into are
  • Hiring remote
  • Remote job hunting
  • WWR news
  • Working remotely
  • Remote work resources
  • Digital nomads
  • Events
Our top work-from-home blogs
Our rating: Excellent
We incredibly like WWR's resources and the range of blog categories. The trends, data, and information regarding several top-tier remote enterprises are exciting.

5. The Write Life

The Write life is a resource for the writing community and remote freelancers. It was founded in 2013 by Alexis Grant and offers eBooks, starter kits, and ways to make money while working from home.
Tips to consider from blogs on work-from-home
The Write Life offers blogs on maintaining discipline and being mindful of deadlines as a hub of resources for freelancing, temping, and casual income networks. For individuals wishing to research the employment market without leaving their homes, their blogs on remote working on luring clients, marketing your portfolio, and the foundations of trust are essential reading.
Their blogs cover topics related to entrepreneurship and marketing, such as how to build a writing business, market your writing services, and make a personal brand as a writer. The write life blogs include topics related to publishing and self-publishing, such as how to get published, how to work with agents and publishers, and how to self-publish your writing.
Our top work-from-home blogs
Our rating: Good
Most blogs for remote workers focus on improving your content's readability, interest level, and audience appeal. You get a deep insight into publishing through their extensive blogs.

6. Trello

Trello is a famous project management tool that helps teams collaborate and stay organized. In addition to its core product, Trello also maintains a blog that covers a variety of topics related to remote work, increasing productivity, and automation.
Their blogs are categorized as under
  • Product
  • Use cases
  • Productivity
  • Remote work
  • Enterprise
Tips to consider from blogs on work-from-home
The blog covers workflow automation strategies, such as automating repetitive tasks, using integrations to streamline workflows, and leveraging Trello's Power Ups to automate processes. They cover industry trends and news related to project management, team collaboration, and productivity, such as the rise of remote work and the latest tools and technologies for teams.
Their remote work blogs tell you the importance of unplugging from a remote job, experts' tips to ensure success, and ways of tightening cybersecurity for hybrid and remote teams. They also inform you how to organize better hybrid meetings, have a good day while working from home, and schedule a health check-up for your team.
Our top work-from-home blogs
Our rating: Good
Whether you are a Trello user or simply interested in these topics, the Trello blog has something to offer. We highly recommend you go through with it at least once.

7. Doist blog

Doist is the company behind the popular productivity tool, Todoist. Their blog has a section dedicated to remote work stories, featuring interviews with people who have successfully transitioned to remote work.
Tips to consider from blogs on work-from-home
  1. Todoist Blog: This blog features articles related to productivity and how to use Todoist more effectively. It includes tips, tricks, and best practices for using the app.
  1. Twist Blog: The Twist Blog focuses on remote work and collaboration. It offers tips on how to work effectively as a team when working remotely.
  1. Ambition & Balance: This blog covers a wide range of productivity and work-life balance topics. It includes articles on goal setting, time management, mindfulness, and other related topics.
  1. Doist Newsletter: Doist also sends a monthly newsletter that includes articles, tips, and news related to productivity and remote work.
Our top picks on work-from-home blogs
Our rating: Good
Doist blogs are a great resource for anyone looking to improve their productivity and work more effectively, especially in a remote work environment. "Can walking meetings lead to healthier lives" is one example of their blog focusing on the importance of health along with a successful career.

8. Escape the city

For the far-flung tribe, Escape the City offers chances, communities, and educational programs. Resources are available to assist you in starting your own remote business, locating your next position, and learning how to be productive while working from home. In 2010, Rob Symington introduced Escape the City. Over 1 million professionals left the corporate sector in favor of the flexibility to work whenever and whenever after what began as a side project grew into a global movement.
Tips to consider from blogs on work-from-home
They have a blog that features career change, entrepreneurship, travel, and personal development articles. It includes interviews with people who successfully transitioned from a corporate job to a more fulfilling career.
Their blog covers travel and adventure, focusing on finding inspiration and pursuing new experiences.
Our top picks of work-from-home blogs
Our rating: Good
Even though the courses are intriguing, the content is geared towards digital nomads and serves mainly as a platform to link job searchers to opportunities and networks.

9. Sorry, I was on Mute

For and by the ever-expanding remote tribe, SorryonMute consists of blogs about remote work. An acronym for "Sorry, I was on Mute," which some of us have used repeatedly on virtual calls, SIWOM was created in 2020 by Aakash Gupta.
Tips to consider from blogs on work-from-home
Work-from-home blogs on the foundations of a remote work culture, remote team management, innovation as an employee engagement approach, and Twitter accounts to follow are a few suggestions mentioned in their blogs. Aakash has also authored in-depth reviews of numerous productivity, project management, and collaboration solutions that help remote teams stay autonomous and measure their progress.
Our top picks of work-from-home blogs
Our rating: Good
Sorryonmute is a growing platform that writes about the development that has and will affect the lives of remote workers. You wouldn't want to miss this one remote work blog if you're looking for the next technology to invest in or for a new strategy to engage and involve your workers.

10. NoDesk

NoDesk was founded in 2015 to connect businesses and individuals in a remote setting. It includes books, articles, newsletters, a business directory, and a special blog section called Intrinsic that gathers opinions from the entire remote community.
Tips to consider from blogs on work-from-home
Minimalism, coliving, digital nomadism, gig economies, productivity, remote work, and the future of work are just a few of the subjects discussed in work-from-home blogs. They have collected articles from the Harvard Business Review and the BBC, including advice on hiring remote workers and establishing whether distant teams feel included in virtual meetings.
Our top picks of work-from-home blogs
Our rating: Good
We especially loved browsing the Books section, which includes writings from Zapier's Wade Foster and Jason Fried and David Hansson's Rework.

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