Top tips to achieve your remote work goals: 2023 edition


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Long commutes and office cubicles are a thing of the past and all thanks to the increase in part-time and full-time remote employment options.
Although the idea of working from anywhere can be enticing (and more pleasant), remote jobs can present unique difficulties concerning time management, office communication, and teamwork. People working from home must reevaluate their routines and discover new ways and strategies to achieve success. People working remotely must set some remote work goals that will motivate them to adhere to their schedule.
Do you have some remote goals? If not, then it is high time you set some. Do you know how to achieve them? Don’t worry! Browse through our best remote work tips to set and achieve your desired remote work goals.

What are remote work goals?

As a remote employee, learning to develop goals, including performance goals, can help you assess your productivity, demonstrate your progress to your manager, and make it simpler to change your work schedule. As a remote worker, you might want to create a few performance objectives like:

1. Enhancing work efficiency and minimizing work hours

Working long hours from home can make you lazy due to excessive exhaustion. Set a smart goal to cut your overtime hours in half over the following month.
  • Considering implementing more reliable internet connections is one way to increase your efficiency.
  • Utilize online tools that calculate the number of hours and the amount of work done.
  • Set your usual working hours and let your boss and coworkers know when you'll be available. Your coworkers need to be aware of your availability for work-related tasks and meetings, as well as your clock-out and personal-time schedules.
  • Having a set schedule also increases the likelihood that you won't work for long hours regularly, which will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

2. Setting crystal clear expectations

The best practice for working remotely is to set crystal clear expectations and the first and foremost step in setting expectations is to have regular, open discussions with your employer and coworkers to determine what they expect you to complete and by when.
As you work on projects and activities, keep expectations in check by giving updates and seeking clarification as necessary.
To ensure you completed the necessary steps in the right way, get feedback after your deadline has been met. This will ensure that you and your teammates are on the same page and help you develop trust.

3. Taking regular breaks

It's simple to fall into a groove and forget to take a lunch break or take a brief walk to stretch your legs when there isn't the rhythm of an office around you. Set an alarm if necessary to serve as a reminder to take breaks. This will help you focus and keep you energized so you can work as effectively and efficiently as you possibly can.

4. Keeping yourself fit

Whether you book an online yoga session to finish your workday or go for a run or walk during your lunch break, maintaining a regular fitness regimen can help you fight the sedentary lifestyle that remote work might set for you.

5. Establishing a solid support system is a must

  • While working from home might cause feelings of loneliness and isolation, keeping in touch with others can help combat these emotions. You can maintain your sense of community by participating in virtual coffee and lunch breaks, interactive happy hours, and post-work Zoom sessions with friends.
  • Try to periodically work from a nearby coffee shop or co-working place where people typically work. Even though you'll all be working remotely for different companies, you'll meet other like-minded people and come to feel like a part of a community.

6. Getting enough sleep

It can be quite tempting to stay up later to browse Prime or sleep in till noon as work schedules become more flexible. However, if your circadian rhythm is disturbed, you might experience varying levels of vigor or exhaustion throughout the day.
Adults are advised to get seven or more hours of sleep every night. As long as you follow that general rule, you'll be able to focus and feel your best at work.

7. First things first

According to Stephen Covey, “Effective leadership is putting first thing first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.”
This quotation provides good advice when it comes to work prioritization. You'll feel more productive and less stressed throughout the day when you move onto less difficult or time-sensitive chores if you "do first things first"—or take on the biggest or most essential task—in the morning.
Since there will be more distractions later as other activities and notifications start to stream in, you'll probably be able to give a task your full focus in the morning.

How to set up goals when working remotely?

Establishing a concrete metric will give direction and a roadmap to success. Whether the goal is a specific number of articles produced, data points evaluated, reports created, design modifications made, clients engaged, or conversions reached, make sure there is a specified quantity or metrics to evaluate your progress easily.

It can be simpler to identify, manage, and measure progress when a bigger aim, project, or business goal is broken down into smaller tasks or subgoals. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a collection of defined, measurable results that can be followed through smaller tasks.

While we all have the best of intentions when estimating the amount of time we will need to complete a task, the majority of people actually succumb to the planning fallacy problem.Regularly reviewing progress and metrics is highly essential for staying on track. It is one of the best practices for working remotely. Furthermore, identifying whether a project or task is on a trajectory toward timely completion is equally important.

Best remote work tips to help you achieve your remote working goals

Remote work tips 1- Improve communication skills

The best tip for working remotely is to consistently upgrade your communication skills. You must improve your communication abilities while you and your coworkers are not in the same workplace. Use any available means, including email, phone conversations, video calls, online chat programs, and others.
People's preferences for how and when they want to hear from you should be honored. To guarantee that you and your team members are collaborating well and that your manager is aware of your priorities, be prepared to communicate frequently.

Remote work tips 2- Plan out your days

You must organize your days so that you do not lose track of the hours if you want to work from home successfully.
  • Make a daily calendar with breaks and periods for regular work, along with to-do lists, goals, and times for serious work.
  • Depending on your particular line of work, you might even wish to divide your day into time slots devoted to various tasks (for example, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, answer emails; from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, concentrate on project #1).
  • The more discipline you can include in your days of remote work, the less likely it is for you to get distracted.

Remote work tips 3- Setting a dedicated workspace

You'll have fewer distractions when you set up a home office environment that is solely for your job and nothing else.
  • In your home, look for a space that isn't being used for anything else and make it your workspace.
  • Of course, having a home office also gives you the opportunity and freedom to occasionally change things up to have a fresh, and fascinating work environment.

Remote work tips 4- Keep personal away from professional

Avoid letting household responsibilities take over your schedule if you want to be a successful remote worker. Sure, doing a load of laundry during a break is great, but be careful not to allow errands around the house to take over your workday.
Your productivity and performance will be negatively impacted by the frequent interruptions, which will ultimately cause your day to last longer than your scheduled working hours.

Remote work tips 5- Be religious with your schedule

Making a healthy morning routine and following it religiously is one of the best tips for working from home successfully. A healthy routine helps your brain transition seamlessly to the other tasks in your day-to-day life.
Improving your work-life balance depends on having a satisfying way to wind down each evening. Such a schedule can assist in establishing a clear separation between work and leisure time, especially for employees who desire to juggle their work and international travel.

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