An Indian Air Force Intern turned SDR, shares her remote beginnings with Skuad


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Name: Avni Swami
Job Designation/ Role: Sales Development Representative
Company: Skuad
Country: India
Total years of experience: 4
A doting aunt and a lover of life, Avni shares her journey into the world of remote.
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Avni began her career by pursuing a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Technology. She followed it up with an internship in Indian Air Force but later decided that Sales was her true calling. She has worked with companies like Simplilearn and Rippling before beginning her journey with Skuad in October 2022. We asked her how did she find out about the opportunity.
I was approached by AllRemote’s Talent Success Executive on LinkedIn, her name is Antara. After speaking to her, she helped schedule my interviews and was extremely considerate of my availability for the same. She was also kind enough to brief me with details of who I will be speaking with during the interview & what to expect. The entire process was smooth and fast and that’s how I landed a job at Skuad.
Avni thinks that an opportunity to work remotely has given her flexibility to make time for family, friends, and hobbies.
The best part is being around the people who support me in all my lows & celebrate with me in my endeavors- my family & friends. I can a perfect balance between work & personal life. I have been able to turn to my hobbies in the time I would have spent commuting to & from the office. When I sit to work my 100% focus is on my work because I am not worried about my family members and when I am with my family I am not worried about work because I have already delivered on my duties during work hours. I have a 2-month-old nephew and I get to play with him between my work breaks which rejuvenates me & fills me with new energy. In return, I can work in a better mood. Working remotely has made me look forward to my work, Mondays are not blue anymore and weekends don’t go by in a jiffy. I also get to travel & work at the same time. Now I don’t have to worry about, oh so many leaves in a year to be able to give myself a break from the doom & gloom. I can relax & put in the work too!
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Avni caters to the US market from India. Therefore, her days and nights are reversed. Here’s what a typical day for Avni looks like:
  • 7 PM- 3 AM IST: Work! Work! Work! (while Rihanna’s Work plays in the background)
  • 3 AM- 11 AM IST: Putting gadgets away after logging off. Lay in bed and start meditation. Get into a deep slumber and dream of traveling around the world among other things.
  • 11 AM- 2 PM IST: Waking up to the sound of birds chirping (an alarm tone especially set up to make up for the natural sounds lost while sleeping in the early morning). Complete routine tasks like exercise, bath, and having breakfast. Also, spending some time with god!
  • 2 PM -7 PM IST: This time of the day is devoted to family & friends, playing with my nephew, and running errands. Before sitting down for work, 30 minutes are spent on planning deliverables for better productivity.
While Avni is planning to take sweet time to plan out her home office, her office on some days of the year may look like this.
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Avni seems to have a great command over her work-life balance. When we asked her to share some tips for other professionals working remotely, she said this.
I have often heard from people that their 9 to 5 has turned into 12 hours or more while working remotely which has left them exhausted instead. On this, I’d like to say that it’s all a game of planning, organizing & executing. You work to live a sustainable life & not live to work. Live like there is no tomorrow!
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